I told crush I won a free flight to him – it was a lie but now were together

I told crush I won a free flight to him – it was a lie but now were together


Being head over heels for your crush can make you act a little differently.

Blushing as they walk past or perhaps not being able to get your words out right – we've all been there.

Instead of leaving her long distance love interest as just a fantasy, one woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

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Sally Olivia Kim, from Los Angles in the US, lived a 20 hour flight away from her crush and so wanted to close that gap.

However, she didn't want to share her intentions.

Under the guise of entering a competition and 'fate', Sally told her lover in Dubai that she had 'won' a free flight to the wealthy city in the United Arab Emirates.

And, it worked as they are now in a relationship together.

In a viral TikTok, Sally explained: "Thinking about the time I casually told my long distance crush I 'magically' won a free flight to where he lived which was a 20+ hour flight but really who accidentally wins flights to Dubai.

"Now he's my boyfriend and we're looking for puppies together."

But Sally was not the only one to tell a porky.

"Turns out he lied too", she admitted in the caption.

Sally then posted another clip to her TikTok to spill on what her then crush was not honest about.

"He told me that he was going to be along on New Year's [Day]", she said.

"I wanted to get away from Los Angles and my life back in Los Angles as I was going through something. So he told me he was going to be alone and told him I'll come with my 'new' flights."

A few months down the line, Sally met her boyfriend's parents where they told her that she was the reason he left Christmas celebrations early.

She added: "I thought he was going to be alone around Christmas so that's why I went there to keep him company.

"And it turns out he also lied so I would take pity on him for being alone."

Left in stitches at Sally's approach, many people fled to the comments with a barrage of laughing emojis as they praised her method.

One person commented: "A win is a win."

Another user added: "Great idea."

While a third voiced: "Something I’d do."

Someone else praised: "You win girl."


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