I work at Wetherspoons and customers always do the same thing which I hate

I work at Wetherspoons and customers always do the same thing which I hate


A woman working at Wetherspoons has shared one thing that she hates whenever she is on shift.

Flora has been placed in awkward situations when customers keep on ordering drinks at the pub – even though staff think they "have had enough".

"Delivering 20 shots to a table of four and watching one of them gagging into a pint glass," she mentioned in her TikTok video while lip-syncing to Madonna's song "Heaven help me" from Like a Prayer.

She lets out a sigh and does a sign of the cross, adding: "And we're expected to clean it up."

One viewer commented: "I am sorry but they, they are me. I can only apologise."

"That's me for f***'s sake," another chimed in.

While a third asked: "Aren't there like, laws to stop restaurants or bars from over serving customers in regards to alcohol?"

Another viewer recalled a horrifying sight at a Spoons pub, sharing: "One night a girl threw into her pint of water and proceeded to drink it."

The UK's favourite pub chain was recently visited by Hollywood star John Travolta, who was spotted in Norfolk where he was filming a movie at Raynham Hanger Studios.

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Jamie Salter was lucky enough to snap a selfie with the A-lister, saying: "I feel extremely lucky to [have] met him as it certainly wasn’t what I expected to experience on a Thursday night out in Dereham."

This came after the eatery changed its menu with 14 new items added.

Four new boneless 'chicken in a basket' dishes are being added with southern-fried and plain bites and strips as well as a meat-free Quorn choice.

They come with a choice of dips – barbecue, sweet chilli, honey-gaze and sticky soy sauce, as well as coleslaw and chips or rice.

They also change its popular Curry Club to Steak Club as an alternative.

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