I'm a flight attendant and there is one thing you should never ask me during boarding

I'm a flight attendant and there is one thing you should never ask me during boarding


A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the one thing you should never ask them during boarding.

Glenn Reuben has shared his biggest pet peeve when passengers board the plane.

Glenn, who has been a flight attendant for more than 30 years, said he finds it frustrating when passengers ask for water while others are trying to board.

He said he doesn't "find it cute" when passengers distract staff from their work during what is the busiest and most time sensitive part of a flight.

Glenn shared his frustration on question and answer site Quora.

He wrote: "During boarding, if you need a sip of water 'for a pill' or because you are 'so thirsty', please use the water fountains in the boarding area.

"During boarding, the company comes down on the crew and agents very hard about on time departures.

"During the boarding process we are verifying catering supplies, inventorying special meals and setting up for the service.

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"We are finding storage spaces for passengers and coordinating passengers' seating.

"Ten minutes before departure, all bags must be stowed and passengers seated so that the door can be closed.

"Bottom line – we don't find it cute, when you stop us from what we're doing to crack open the seals on the water and cups for a single glass of water."

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