I’m a hotel cleaner and there is something guests do which I really hate – and you probably always do it too

I’m a hotel cleaner and there is something guests do which I really hate – and you probably always do it too


HOTEL cleaners have revealed all the ways in which guests can make their lives easier, including what to do with the used toiletries and towels.

The discussion was sparked by a post on Mumsnet in which a mum asked: “What things can/do guests do to make your life a little bit easier?

“I ask this after a recent stay in an amazing hotel when my husband looked at me like I had two heads for emptying the bin and stripping the bed! 

“Is there anything that saves five minutes of your time when cleaning a room and/or are there things guests do which make your job harder?”

The woman’s query sparked an enthusiastic response from current and former hotel cleaners who had plenty of thoughts on the topic – and one revealed her biggest bugbear.

The hotel cleaner wrote: “If you use the toiletries bin them after. A half bar of soap glued onto the bath is a pain to clean.”


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The same person added: “If you could rinse the cups. I clean them but if there is yesterday’s dried on coffee on the bottom it takes ages.“

Another shared: “Not folding towels. A huge heap on the floor or in the bath is fine. 

“I have to shake them out and check them for stains before putting them in the laundry bag. So unfolding them first takes longer.

“Stripping the bed is lovely, but again, don't fold the sheets in a neat stack, just a heap again is faster.

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"I have to check for stains as the marked linens need treating before washing.”

A third began with how they had absolutely “hated” their experience of being a hotel cleaner, not only because it was physically hard work but also because guests were “disrespectful with the mess in the rooms”.

Of some very reasonable things people can do, they suggested: “If you have takeaway or food from restaurants get rid of the rubbish as soon as eaten or it smells so bad. 

“Rinse the bath after use so the little hairs aren't stuck in the bath tub. FLUSH the toilet after a poop!

"Don’t write things on the steamed up mirrors. Don’t pee or sick or bleed on the bed sheets.”

However, their biggest piece of advice was: “Open the windows before you leave and stick on the aircon as the housekeepers get extremely hot!”

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