I'm so scared of dying that I won't leave the house – I need my life back

I'm so scared of dying that I won't leave the house – I need my life back


DEAR DEIDRE: HOW can I get my life back?

I am so scared of dying that I won’t leave the house alone.

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This isn’t new – my parents say that as a child I would ask them every night if I was going to die.

I’m 19 now and this has got far worse in the last two years.

I think it stems from seeing other people die.

Last March, we lost my grandmother to Covid and in January, my uncle to lung cancer.

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When I was little, my aunt died in a car crash.

Now I struggle to go outside without having a panic attack.

I see everything as a hazard – like tripping on a kerb, which could give me a fatal head injury.

DEIDRE SAYS: This is a very common phobia – in fact, 20 per cent of UK adults share this fear.

But it shouldn’t stop you from living your life.

It might help to contact Anxiety UK (anxietyuk.org.uk, 03444 775 774) – experts there will be able to support you.

Bereavement counselling would help you to deal with losing loved ones. Talk to your GP, or reach out to the organisations in the support pack I am sending you.

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