Inside Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh’s home at Christmas with stockings over the fireplace and huge trees

Inside Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh’s home at Christmas with stockings over the fireplace and huge trees


Kimberley Walsh already has the best Christmas present this year – she is expecting a third baby with her husband Justin Scott.

The couple are lucky enough to already have two young sons – Bobby, six, and Cole, four – and they've ensured that their Surrey home is super festive for them both to enjoy.

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Their traditional fireplace perfectly suits their chosen decorations. Each family member has their own stocking hanging from the fireplace, which is adorned with a green garland that features gold baubles and red bows, as well as Nutcracker statues.

It's impossible to forget it's Christmas when you arrive at the former Girls Aloud singer's home.

A giant arch, courtesy of award-winning decorators Early Hours, which features a festive colour palette of gold, green and red makes for a breathtaking entrance.

The front door also includes two wreaths, which perfectly match the arch.

Of course, Christmas isn't complete without a tree to put all the presents underneath.

Their sons will be able to look underneath the huge green tree in the living room to see if Santa Claus has visited on Christmas morning.

Hung off the branches are more gold baubles and nutcrackers, continuing on the theme from the fireplace. Not satisfied with just one tree, the family also have mini ones on top of their cabinet, along with a gingerbread house and a 'Noel' sign.

Kimberley, 39, and Justin, 38 have also decorated their dining room.

The space features another Christmas tree, and plenty more baubles.

The family will be able to tuck into their Christmas dinner while taking in the festive surroundings.

They've certainly got a lot to pack away in January, or perhaps that will be left to Early Hours London, who helped to decorate their home.

Next year, another baby will be enjoying Christmas with them. Kimberley always dreamed of having a big family, so it was happy to be pregnant again.

However she believes this will be her final child. "As women, we always find it hard to be so final about that, because there’s always going to be urges that come from hormones. I will always think I’ll want another but in my head it feels right for it to be the last one," she explained.

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