Interview shows Meghan’s curt response to being asked about dating rumours

Interview shows Meghan’s curt response to being asked about dating rumours


A resurfaced clip has given TV fans a glimpse into an awkward interaction between Meghan Markle and her interviewer after she was quizzed about an off-screen romance.

The 2013 clip shows the Suits actress being questioned about her dating life off-screen with her Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams, despite being married to Trevor Engelson at the time.

The half-hour-long video, which has reached millions of views on YouTube, documents the full-length interview between the co-stars and Larry King, where they discuss the actors’ on-screen chemistry.

It shows the moment TV icon King was met with a blunt response after he asked the Duchess and fellow actor Adams if they were romantically involved off camera.

While filming the hit series, the Duchess of Sussex sparked a close bond with Patrick after co-starring as a love interest, although both actors were in respective relationships.

Turning to Patrick, King asked if the actor was single, to which he immediately replied: “I am not married but I am not single.”

The interviewer then followed with the question: “So the two of you are not involved in the show?” Which was met with the blunt answer: “No.”

“So why is there so much chemistry here?” added King. “I’m sensing something.”

Meghan then interjected: “I think TV sees us a certain way […]. We’ve done this show for ABC years ago and very similarly my character was polished, and he played the rough around edges guy.”

During the interview, the co-stars were also asked what they thought of the media attention that the success of the show had brought.

The Duchess said the attention from the public was flattering, but it had come at the cost of her privacy since she was no longer anonymous in the industry.

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The interview has made a comeback on YouTube, where it has garnered more than 2.2 million views and thousands more comments to date.

“Their friendship bond on and off the set looks real,” one viewer commented last week. “Both are grounded people.”

It comes as interest in the legal drama series has also seen an uptick in recent months after several seasons were shared on Netflix in June.

Within the space of just a few days, the series broke the Nielson streaming record, with a staggering 3.1 billion viewing minutes between June 26 and July 2.

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