Intimidating neighbour bullies me yet my dad is still friends with him | The Sun

Intimidating neighbour bullies me yet my dad is still friends with him | The Sun


DEAR DEIDRE: I FEEL so let-down by my dad.

He has remained friendly with my neighbour despite his intimidating antics.

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I am a woman of 28. Dad is 58. My neighbour and I have never seen eye to eye.

He has done many things to bully me, including walking towards me aggressively in the street, scaring my dog, playing loud music late at night and generally being a pain.

We ignore one another now but I am scared and on edge whenever he is nearby. He is 33.

My dad, on the other hand, is friendly with him and has forgiven him for his behaviour.

He doesn’t seem to understand my problem.

I feel he should have my back, not cosy up to this man.

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Is he letting me down by not supporting me?

The issue is causing arguments between us.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is only natural to want your dad’s support but he might be looking to avoid any confrontation, taking a tolerant approach for a quiet life.

Perhaps your dad not standing up for you is a familiar feeling?


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If so, he is not likely to change – but you can change your reaction towards him and accept that he has a different point of view.

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