Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘stronger than ever’ with ‘marriage made in heaven’

Kate Middleton and Prince William are ‘stronger than ever’ with ‘marriage made in heaven’


Kate Middleton and Prince William give thanks to key workers

Kate Middleton and Prince William, both 38, met at the University of St Andrews in 2011. The Duchess reportedly caught William’s eye at a charity fashion show at the university when she appeared on the stage wearing a lace dress. What is their relationship like?

The couple got engaged in 2010 after William proposed while in Kenya.

The royals were on holiday at Lewa Safari Camp when William got down on one knee.

Kate and William got married one year later in Westminster Abbey.

Since then, they have had three children together – Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

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Relationship and dating expert, Karen Mooney, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the couple’s marriage and said she believes it is a “marriage made in heaven”.

The expert explained: “I would definitely have matched William and Kate – I firmly believe their marriage is a marriage made in heaven.

“Having met at the University of St. Andrews theirs is a marriage based on mutual respect and love. They have a shared past, mutual university friends, they love the same things, both play tennis and generally love sport.

“They have fun together, you look at the body language when you see them on the television, they smile a lot together and it’s important to laugh with somebody and not at somebody…they have fun…they’re the same age, they met at university, it’s a true love marriage and I think they make fantastic parents as well.”

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The expert also suggested that due to being the same age, they have shared interests which could help them bond over certain things.

Karen added that when the couple split in 2007, the Duchess kept quiet about the details of the breakup.

She said: “When they split in 2007 – she kept her mouth firmly closed about their relationship…which I think was incredibly admirable. [It] obviously gave William a lot of reassurance to know that she was somebody you could trust and not somebody who would go out to the press.

“Married nine years this year, Kate has given William the love, stability and shared family values he always wanted.”

The expert said that when out in public together, they always seem happy.

In recent outings, Kate and William can be seen joking and laughing together.

The expert added that she thinks their marriage has matured “fantastically”.

“They’ve grown and sort of morphed into this fantastic marriage and you can just tell by looking at them that they are happy. They always look at each other as well, there’s lots of body contact as well so you can read in from that, that they’re happy to be with each others company and they’re a fantastic match,” Karen explained.

The expert added: “I would certainly say it’s stronger than ever now. They’ve got three fantastic children, they’re taking on a lot more responsibility.

“I think they’ve stepped up admirably and I think they’re going to be a fantastic asset to the Royal Family. Our Queen and Charles should be delighted.“

According to the relationship expert, the pair are also the perfect astrological match.

She said: “Of course, if you believe in horoscopes, they are also the perfect astrological match as they are opposite signs, they sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, which means each has what the other lacks and, together they make up the whole.”

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