Katie Price says she shouldnt be judged by people after drink-drive car crash

Katie Price says she shouldnt be judged by people after drink-drive car crash


Katie Price believes that "people shouldn't judge her" after she crashed her car while under the influence of alcohol and cocaine and avoided being jailed for her actions.

The former glamour model has already admitted feeling "ashamed" about the shocking incident but says she still doesn't feel ready to discuss "traumatic events" that led to her getting behind the wheel while she was so intoxicated.

Katie, 43, has also confessed that she felt lucky to have avoided being in prison for Christmas and that she has started seeing a therapist for weekly sessions to try and tackle her problems head-on so that 2022 can be a year with "no more dramas".

Speaking in an appearance on Good Morning Britain alongside her son Harvey, 19, she opened up about how she had been hiding a lot of what she was dealing with in the build-up to the horror car smash.

Katie said: "Things could have been different. The events leading up to it were really traumatic and it's still been traumatic afterwards, so I'm not ready to talk about it yet.

"What I can say is I went to The Priory and I've made the decision finally to see a therapist every week, and will do forever, to deal with the traumatic events that led me up to that car.

"I'm very good at hiding things. When I'm ready to talk about it I will because there are reasons why I got in the car and why I was in that mental state."

She continued: "I feel ashamed about it all. It was a traumatic build up to it. The reasons I'm still dealing with now.

"It's a new year, but I'm still dealing with it all. I think people shouldn't judge others. There are reasons for why people do things."

Campaigners claimed Katie was making a “mockery of justice” when she escaped jail despite being on her sixth driving ban.

The reality TV star was instead handed a suspended sentence and agreed to go to rehab and jetted off on holiday to Vegas.

Katie added that despite rumours she had committed to Dry January for 2022 it wasn't something she was holding herself to.

She said: "That was something the papers said. I'm not a big drinker anyway. I want to be healthy and focus on myself. Mental health is a massive thing. I'm going to be healthy, see a therapist and look after myself."

Katie then confessed that she feels 2022 will be her year as 22 is her lucky number and she has big plans for marriage and a baby with fiance Carl Woods, 32.

She explained: "2022 is definitely my year. Twenty-two is my lucky number, it's my birthday. This has to be my year of no dramas. So much happened last year.

"This is the year for me – babies, marriage I want it all. I've definitely found the one with Carl. We will get married."

Katie also took the opportunity to shoot down any rumours that she is planning to wed in Vegas – giving her mum as the reason the couple will exchange nuptials in the UK.

She added: "It'll be in England because my mum is terminally ill and can't travel. I wouldn't want to get married without her there. I am in a very good headspace."

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