Kerry Katona recalls trauma of mum’s stabbing and having to ‘pull the knife out’

Kerry Katona recalls trauma of mum’s stabbing and having to ‘pull the knife out’


Kerry Katona, has spoke out about her harrowing and deeply disturbing childhood in a tell-all YouTube interview.

The 40-year-old, glanced back on her first years of being a teenager, sharing her fear and anxiety as she witnessed her mum being stabbed by her ex, leaving her to remove the blade and flee for her life.

At age 13, she recalled her deep emotions of wanting to "pick up the knife" and "kill" her mothers boyfriend who was physically violent and "had lost the plot".

After Kerry finally plucked up the courage to inform a family friend, of what had been going on at home, along with her fear and tremor, the police were called and Kerry was whisked off into foster care.

The former Atomic Kitten star poured out her heart as she recalled her version of a what seemed like a never ending series of horrendous events.

In spite of the trauma she has suffered over the years, Kerry vowed that she "wouldn't change any of it".

The mum-of-five, declared that she still adored her mum and that their relationship was stronger than ever, however she wanted to come clean, saying "you've just got to own this s**t".

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Kerry went into great detail about her childhood after she'd been asked by a number of fans what life was like before fame.

Thinking back to the moment she was taken into care, she explained: "He'd lost the plot at that house, he beat me mum up. He stabbed her. He wanted to cut us open, chop our feet off, it was a long story.

"Anyway, he stabs me mum, I pull the knife out and we did a runner – to cut a long story short."

Sharing her story but not wanting to hold her mum accountable, she added: "My childhood was chaotic and all over the place and me mum had mental health issues, she'd go on benders etc.

"But I wouldn’t change any of it and I'm sure my mum's cringing or whatever but you've just got to own this s**t, do you know what I mean.

"I've made so many mistakes with my children, I've done loads of things wrong but you've just got to accept it and moved on."

Casting her mind back to the night of the bludgeoned attack, she remembered phoning Pat, who was a family friend, for help.

Kerry burst into tears and told Pat everything, she explained: "Because I wanted to stab him, he'd fell asleep p***ed and this big knife was there, a big carving knife, just left there and I thought, 'if I just kill him now'.

"I mean my mum was sat there on this couch with blood all over her knee and boobs and he was making her crawl up and down.

"And this knife was there and he was in front of the fire and he was passed out and he had this hat on like Freddie Krueger. He had long hair.

"I was like, shall I just pick this knife up and just kill him now."

It was at this point that the police were engaged and came to her rescue, completely calming her down, although she was terrified after everything she'd witnessed.

Kerry described the happiness and relief she'd felt at the time, after the policewomen helping with her case, had explained she would be taken into foster care.

The former songstress turned TV star vowed to reveal more details over on her YouTube channel next Sunday.

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