Kevin Durant’s Jersey Is Poised To Earn Big Bucks At Memorabilia Auction

Kevin Durant’s Jersey Is Poised To Earn Big Bucks At Memorabilia Auction


Signed and game-worn merchandise is proving to be a winner, and Kevin Durant is the next big name to see success in the sports memorabilia market. The jersey that Durant wore in his very first game with the Brooklyn Nets is now up for grabs, for anyone willing to pay top dollar for its ownership. TMZ reports the going price at the moment is $10 per ticket, as fans and collectors across the globe get ready to put their money down and get in on the action. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can’t be duplicated, and the proud new owner of this sacred jersey will forever have a true part of sports history in their possession.

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On December 22nd of 2020, Kevin Durant made his debut with the Brooklyn Nets, and little did he know that the jersey he adorned that evening would be the topic of worldwide conversation.

That night, he scored 22 points and led his team to victory, as they ironically defeated his former teammates, the Golden State Warriors.

This jersey is now up for grabs, and Outkick reports that this is ” the first game-worn jersey from a current season to be offered by any of the three major fractional shares marketplaces.”

NBA Auctions/MeiGray is behind this current jersey auction and reports indicate this jersey has already generated a whole lot of buzz. It has already cost $46,000 to acquire, and almost instantly, shares began getting snatched up.

Selling at a frantically fast pace, the 4,760 shares that were offered are down to just 2,697 at the time of this report. Those who are interested, will need to act fast.

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For all the collectors out there that need more juicy information on this story, there’s more information to be had. Outkick confirms that; “The black Nets jersey, a Size 50+4 inches extra length, is registered into the NBA and MeiGray Game-Worn Jersey Authentication Program. ’12/22 vs. GSW’ is handwritten on the jersey’s laundry tag.”

When all of the initial shares are sold to fans and investors, the jersey will go up for trading and the owners of the shares can decide to keep or sell their investment in the same manner that they would handle stocks.

The $47,600 current cost of the jersey is expected to skyrocket in a matter of weeks, with TMZ reporting that; “it’s not uncommon to see a 150% to 400% increase on pieces like these.”

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