Love Island Amy Hart’s mum thinks Liberty ‘will quit villa ‘ after dumping Jake

Love Island Amy Hart’s mum thinks Liberty ‘will quit villa ‘ after dumping Jake


Ex-Love Island star Amy Hart explained that her mum had became increasingly concerned for 2021 contestant Liberty Poole after watching her breakdown in tears on Wednesday's episode.

ITV producers teased fans with an emotional clip which saw Liberty in floods of tears while storming off set and taking off her mic before cutting to the credits, leaving masses of fans in suspense as to what had happened.

She can also be seen crying as she says "I just don't think we are right for each other," about her relationship with Jake.

A new trailer has since confirmed that Liberty ends things with Jake and ditches his bracelet – just days before the finale.

Having been there before with her own daughter being dumped on the programme, Amy Hart's mum had aired her concern.

In a voice note to Amy, she expressed fear that Liberty would walk after the dramatic scene played out.

Speaking to Daily Star exclusively, the former cabin crew member told us about the prediction she'd received from her mum.

Amy said: "I was half an hour behind and I got a voice note from my mum, so I was like 'what's this?' and I opened it."

Her mum said: "'Oh I think Liberty is going to do a you, she's going to do a you.

"She needs to get out of there'."

Amy added: "For my mum I think it brought back a lot."

Knowing all too well what it feels like to expose such raw emotion in front of millions, Amy sympathised with the Birmingham lass looked as though she'd reached her final straw.

The reality star from Sussex, explained: "I know how she's feeling and it's hard when you're in there because there's no escape.

"But when she took her mic off and walked out, that's like a big thing."

Giving Liberty some friendly advice, Amy said: "She's only got a few days left, don't let a man win and don't let a man ruin your time.

"You're not going to get another day in that villa and I know better than anyone – as much as I don't regret leaving and knowing I'll never go back there – I would say, just make the most of the end of it with your friends."

Amy appeared in the 2019 series but walked out of the competition after being heartbroken by Curtis Pritchard – who's head had been turned during Casa Amor.

In the brutal "leaving" scene, Amy told Curtis that she "wasn't going to be ready to meet someone in the next three weeks" and worried that the ballroom dancer "wouldn't be happy" while she was still in the villa.

The air hostess revealed to Curtis that she was "leaving" the programme immediately.

She reasoned: "I can't heal living in the same house as you at the moment.

"The only way that we are going to be good friends is if we have space from each other.

"I hope that you find someone who makes you so so happy."

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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