Love Islander Faye Winter wants to own a charity shop after the show

Love Islander Faye Winter wants to own a charity shop after the show


Blonde bombshell Faye Winter has been announced as a contestant on this year's Love Island, but unlike other islanders who want the fame and fortune after the show, Faye longs to own her very own charity shop.

Speaking on what she hopes to do in the next five years, Faye explained: "I would like my own estate agency or my own charity shop.

"I want someone who I can go on holidays and stuff with for the next couple of years, and have a really fun time. And then start thinking about kids and serious things in three or four years' time."

Faye works as a Letting manager and she is someone who certainly enjoys her job, in fact she can't wait to get back to work once the show is over.

She said: "I go out and do valuations, win business for the company and I’ll do the odd viewing and find tenants. My main role is the sales side of things. I absolutely love it! I’ve actually only taken a sabbatical from work because in my ideal world, I’d love to go back to work."

Although she has a love for her job and her career, Faye hopes to find love in the villa too and is very open to the opportunity.

Discussing her relationship history and what she's hoping to find while on the show, Faye expressed: "In the last year we haven’t been able to experience anything. I’m open to anything. The opportunity came up so why wouldn’t I? I’d love to meet somebody, what better way to meet somebody than in the sun – amazing."

After a year long hiatus due to the pandemic, Love Island will return to our screens on June 28th at 9pm.

To avoid any potential complications, Love Island bosses are making sure they do their very best to ensure this year's series runs as smoothly as possible.

Some of the measures that have been put in place is a second location based in the UK, according to reports.

A source previously told Daily Star that they have more contestants waiting in the wings this time around, just in case any of the islanders become ill.

The source said: "It is likely they will need to quarantine all contestants.

"They also think they’ll need to fly over three times as many contestants than normal in case some of them fall ill."

Not only this, but ITV have also announced intensive duty of care protocols for all islanders.

Some of the protocols include comprehensive psychological support and social media training.

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