Man erects poop wall after property dispute with neighbor

Man erects poop wall after property dispute with neighbor


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Wall of doody.

A Michigan man devised a smelly way to resolve a property dispute with his neighbor — by erecting a 250-foot-long wall of cow poop between their homes.

“Normally they spread it on the field, but they decided to make a fence out of it,” victim Wayne Lambarth told Fox2 of the fecal fortification, which appeared next door following a feud with his neighbor in 2020.

Lambarth’s grandfather had reportedly developed the Lodi Township farmland about 100 years ago, but for the last year, he and the adjacent farmer had been beefing over the property line.

That’s when his neighbor decided to build one of his own — out of his massive supply of cow dung.

When confronted about the crappy construct, the unnamed poo-petrator simply remarked, “It’s not a poop wall. It’s a compost fence.”

Turd-minology notwithstanding, the odiferous barrier has proven a smelly nuisance to Lambarth’s tenants, Jaidyn Schwarzel and Coyne Gatto.

“It’s just a s – – t pile over there,” Schwarzel told WCRZ about the poopy partition.

Gatto seconded the sentiment, griping: “It’s like you can’t leave the window open. The whole upstairs will smell like it.”

Despite their complaints, officials are reportedly unable to tear down the disgusting demarcation zone as it’s technically on the neighbor’s property.

This isn’t the first time a disgruntled person has flipped someone the turd. In 2019, an Oregon man received three months probation after using a powerful “poop bomb” on a friend who did him wrong.

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