Maren Morris Performs at Houston Rodeo While 9 Months Pregnant: 'My Adrenaline Is on Full Blast'


Maren Morris knows how to put on a show!

On Saturday, the country music star performed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the first time at the NRG Stadium, despite being nine months pregnant.

“If I go into labor during this show, it’s all good because it just means that my kid really wanted to be born in Texas,” she told the crowd, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“He’s kicking. He knows that my adrenaline is on full blast,” Morris added.

After her show, the 29-year-old singer shared a series of posts on Instagram to show off her sparkly get-up that had her baby bump on full display.

“That’s a wrap, Texas. #9monthsAndDidTheFreakingRodeo,” she proudly captioned her post, which showed the singer standing outside of her private jet after the show, cradling her bump. 

She later uploaded some professional shots taken during her performance, crediting her glam squad and stylist with the killer look. “🐎 h o u s t o n r o d e o 🐎//styling: @danixmichelle//glam: @lindsay.doyle // 📷: @rkdeeb,” she wrote.

The “All My Favorite People” singer is expecting her first child with husband and fellow country singer Ryan Hurd. The soon-to-be dad recently stopped by People Now and revealed that the busy couple are prepping their tour bus for the new baby, as the couple is going on tour together for four months beginning in June, just months after baby’s arrival.

“There’s netting, monitors, videos, white noise machines, all in this little crib bunk,” he shared last week. “It’s crazy what goes into it. Usually, your tour bus is where you have a ton of fun. This is a different kind of fun.”

“I’m there to pretty much hold the baby from 9:30 to 11,” Hurd, who’s opening for his wife, joked. “That’s basically why I got booked. I was asked and told that we will be touring together this year.”

The “Diamonds or Twine” singer, 33, admitted that he’s already trying to teach his baby boy about music.

“Maren sings all day long, so he’s always hearing her sing,” Hurd told People Now last Wednesday. “I like playing Beatles records through my phone, sticking it there, being like, ‘This is Paul McCartney. You’re going to definitely want to know him.’”

Hurd also opened up about the anticipation of fatherhood, and how he’s preparing for the next chapter of his life.

“I’ve never done this before, but I’m really excited,” Hurd said. “I hope he likes stuff I like to do, and if he doesn’t like stuff I like to do I’ll just figure out what he likes to do and go learn how to like that. I don’t really know how else to be prepared for being a dad other than being like, ‘Whatever we’ve gotta do.’ “

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