Mark Zuckerberg confirms Snapchat-style features coming to WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg confirms Snapchat-style features coming to WhatsApp


WhatsApp looks set to introduce a set of new features that many users have long been asking for.

The world’s most popular chat app will finally introduce proper multi-device support as well as implementing Snapchat-style disappearing messages.

Confirmation of the new features came from none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself.

The Facebook overlord joined WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart to reveal the news to WABetaInfo – an anonymous blog devoted to reporting on changes to WhatsApp.

Through a series of messages – on WhatsApp, natch – the two Silicon Valley heavyweights explained that multi-device chat really is coming.

At present, WhatsApp is tied to one specific phone number which limits it to one device. The ‘web’ version of WhatsApp simply piggybacks off the iPhone or Android hosting the SIM card. That’s why there’s no real way to get WhatsApp on your iPad.

At the moment, if you sign in to your WhatsApp account on another phone, it will log you out of the first one as a security precaution. Which, if you regularly use two, can become a bit frustrating.

The app wanted tighter integration with Facebook, but many users disagreed and started jumping ship to rival services like Signal and Telegram.

News of these incoming features may go a long way to restoring WhatsApp’s reputation and even bringing in even more users.

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