Melissa Rivers Hosts First Ever Virtual AgeMarch To Help End Age Discrimination

Melissa Rivers Hosts First Ever Virtual AgeMarch To Help End Age Discrimination


“Whether they’re 20, or they’re 100…we’re all people. We’re all aging together.”

Melissa Rivers has stepped back into hosting, and it’s all for a good cause.

On March 27, AgeMarch/AgeMagnificent created their first ever virtual event amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This movement is to celebrate age pride for all ages, race, genders, and sexual orientations, to end our Anti-Age culture and promote a Pro-Age movement, to stop defining people of all ages by age, to end age segregation, discrimination, and age shaming, and to integrate all ages into our world,” read the press release for the event.

Rivers hosted the event alongside Barbara Rose Brooker, an accomplished author and podcast curator, who founded the movement.

Julie Stern, a highly regarded television executive, was also there to help commemorate the event.

The three renowned business women discussed their feelings surrounding ageism in an anti-age culture.

Brooker also talked about the origins behind AgeMarch, which was created nearly 10 years ago, and her vision to promote “a pro-age culture where people of all ages, race, genders, sexual orientations, will not be defined by age.”

AgeMarch took to their Instagram to further explain their message: “AM will end labels: Senior, elder, too young, too old, cougar, old man, ‘the party is over,’ ‘you look good for your age,’ ‘people your age,’ and many other labels.”

To hear what all the speakers had to say and to watch the the full event check out the YouTube video below.

And for more info on AgeMarch/AgeMagnificent check out their website.

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