Mind-boggling new optical illusion baffles the internet as coin disappears

Mind-boggling new optical illusion baffles the internet as coin disappears


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Optical illusions can be baffling to many people.

Now a new version of a classic illusion has been created and we think it's seriously confusing.

The gurus at online gaming site Rainbow Riches Casino are behind the latest viral image.

It has been inspired by the Troxler Effect, which is also known as Troxler Fading.

When looking at a specific point for even a short amount of time, anything outside of that point fades.

Then it essentially changes the person's perception of what's actually there.

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For this specific version, when you stare at the cross in the centre of the image, the coin behind slowly starts to fade away.

Within around 30 seconds of looking at the cross, most people find that the coin behind has totally disappeared.

Troxer's Fading has been attributed to the adaption of nuerons vital for perceiving stimuli in the visual system.

Swiss physician Paul Troxler found that focusing your vision on one element can make all the other objects disappear or fade.

Previously, a new optical illusion asks people to follow the white dot around for 30 seconds.

We've seen this happen before with the Pac-Man optical illusion as it baffled the internet.

Lenstore asks people to focus on the cross in the centre of the red circles popping in and out of sight.

You will find that the space in the red circles leave behind are replaced by green spot afterimages.

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