Miss BumBum model who tests boyfriends loyalty uses money to enlarge booty

Miss BumBum model who tests boyfriends loyalty uses money to enlarge booty


A model has revealed the secret to her winning the Miss BumBum title.

The prestigious annual beauty pageant is returning for an 11th year later this summer.

And now Carolina Lekker is hoping to enlarge her booty to have a bigger shot of winning the competition.

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She's decided to add volume to her bum, as well as fill the unevenness on the side of her hip.

The bombshell also improved the projection of her backside by giving it a lift ahead of the Miss BumBum 2022 event.

She said: "The technique also helps to correct asymmetries, which is my wish. It will help to value what is already good [laughs]."

Carolina will pay around 8,000 Brazilian reais which is around £1,300 on her booty procedure.

The model continued: "I want everything to be in order for the contest.

"I've used the method again, now it's about keeping the result."

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The Playboy model has already invested in more than 300,000 Brazilian reais (£45,000) in six different procedures.

She is also known as the "love detective" as she carries out infidelity tests to catch cheating partners.

Carolina earned a fortune from her detective work, around 50,000 Brazilian reais (£7,600) which has funded her cosmetic work.

"If the guy doesn't fall for me, I'll give the money back [to the woman]," she confirmed.

On average, she charges around £1,500 to perform the test.

Despite the occasional refund, the Brazilian beauty makes a good profit, showing her suspicions are usually right.

Previously, Carolina had a microchip dubbed the "Beauty Chip" implanted in her rear in a bid to grow her behind larger.

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