'Monster Hunter Rise' is Now Offering a Free Demo on the Nintendo Switch

'Monster Hunter Rise' is Now Offering a Free Demo on the Nintendo Switch


Yesterday, CAPCOM streamed its Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event, giving fans a closer look at what’s to come for the Nintendo Switch title, but one of the highlights of the presentation was the announcement that the company is offering players a free demo, which has now gone live over of Nintendo’s eShop. The demo will include a basic mission, an intermediate mission, and two tutorial levels, including the Wyvern Riding feature, a mechanic that allows you to tame and control wild monsters. It even supports an online or local co-op of up to four players.

As for the full game itself, CAPCOM has currently scheduled it for release on March 26, and the full 20-minute video — which you have a view above — gives fans of the franchise a better idea of the different gameplay elements, including some of the monsters you’ll battle, the different locations you’ll explore, and some of the characters you’ll be introduced to.

For the Switch players out there, you can now download the Monster Hunter Rise demo over on Nintendo’s website, or pre-order the full game for $60 USD.

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