Mum is proud of bully daughter and claims other kids are just wimps

Mum is proud of bully daughter and claims other kids are just wimps


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A mum was slammed on Facebook this week after she bragged about her daughter “bullying” a little boy at the playground.

Fellow social media users were shocked at the woman's attitude rather than the child's actions.

The parent posted on social media about the incident, but insisted that the other children were simply “wimpy” and that their parents were “embarrassed”.

But, other mums and dads didn't see it the same way and thought the woman should have reprimanded her little girl for pushing and being a "bully".

The woman wrote: “Today; young boy from Manchester tried to sit at the top of the slide longer than Emma wanted, let's say 3 seconds.

“Emma pushes said Manchester boy down the slide made him cry-boy was about 10 = zero f***s were given and his dad went to have a go and realised how old Emma was (very embarrassed by wimpy son).”

But, it seems the young boy was not her daughter’s only target as she added: “Emma then happily carried on to the next child who was steering the boat, obviously her turn on that also.”

And, the mum posted a snap of her child standing proudly at the helm of the playground’s ship.

The bragging post was posted on Reddit where other parents weighed in on the situation.

One person noted: “Can't imagine where she gets the attitude from…”

“Her mum is pretty trashy,” added another.

While a third commented: “If the boy had hit her, stood up to her, what then? All his fault.”

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