‘My husband and family know about my OnlyFans – they respect me for doing it’

‘My husband and family know about my OnlyFans – they respect me for doing it’

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    Nowadays many content creators earn a fortune on OnlyFans.

    And one model to rake in an absolute ton from the saucy page is Ana Knoxx.

    The bombshell previously told how she made over £83,000 ($100,000) a month from her saucy antics.

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    In fact, she earned so much money that she managed to pay her way through college with the adults-only website.

    Now speaking exclusively with Daily Star, Ana told how her husband is respectful of her decision to sell racy snaps.

    The amateur porn star even said her family are supportive of her line of work.

    Ana said: "My family supports me and completely respects this is my choice.

    "They understand that I'm an adult and I chose to do a job which brings me happiness.

    "After all, sex is not vulgar or inappropriate, it's a part of the modern day world and it's a form of art."

    More importantly, the main person in Ana's life is also supportive of what she does as she gushed about her husband.

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    The OnlyFans model added: "My partner is also supportive of my work and we even got married recently.

    "We're a team and work well together. I'm a very positive person who attracts other positive people.

    "In my line of work, there will always be people who treat me negatively, I just end up cutting those people out."

    Since joining OnlyFans, Ana, known as "sophmoreschoolgirl" on the platform, earned over £83,000 doing her job.

    She's garnered a multitude of subscribers with her eyes set on a future in the adult industry.

    While she still plans on completing her education, one thing for sure is that college debt no longer crosses her mind.

    Ana previously said: "My income has been much more than I could have ever dreamed.

    "Things I've been able to afford besides all the travelling is having my dream wedding."

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