Naked ‘wolf man’ spotted by ruined castle in German mountains ‘holding spear’

Naked ‘wolf man’ spotted by ruined castle in German mountains ‘holding spear’


A naked "wolf man" who is believed to have lived in the Harz mountains in Germany for five years has been spotted.

According to Bild, two hikers saw the mysterious bloke roaming the woods and sitting at the foot of a ruined castle holding a spear.

Gina Weiss, 31, and her pal Tobi, 38, managed to snap a blurry image on a mobile phone. It shows him completely nude, covered in dirt and playing in some sand.

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The hikers were in Blankenburg in the state of Saxony-Anhalt on Tuesday evening (August 22) when they spotted him. The encounter lasted for about 10 minutes.

Gina told Bild: "When we reached the sand caves, we saw the wolf man. He stood up high on one of the caves and held a long wooden stick like a lance in his arm.

"He wouldn’t take his eyes off us, said nothing. He looked dirty like a Stone Age man from a history book."

There have been intermittent sightings of the man, believed to be in his 40s, over the past few years. Local authorities have reportedly found evidence of fires and rudimentary dwellings in the woods.

"Someone clearly knows how to live outside and adapt to the changing seasons," said Alexander Beck, the head of Blankenburg fire brigade.

Back in March, another frightened walker contacted police and claimed to have seen a "wolf man running around".

However, one volunteer with the local fire service told The Telegraph the story is "nonsense" and likely a "prank", insisting nothing unusual had been found in the woods.

Legends of forest-dwellers aren't uncommon in Germany given that a third of the country is covered by dense woodland.

In 2007 an American was found to be living in an isolated hut in Eifel, west Germany, where he had set up a small marijuana grow.

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