New Years Resolution ideas: The 7 best goals to set – confidence and mindset coach

New Years Resolution ideas: The 7 best goals to set – confidence and mindset coach


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Losing weight, exercising more and improving diet are the top three most common New Year’s resolutions, according to a 2019 YouGov survey. Closely behind that is saving more money and taking up a new hobby. It isn’t always healthy to start the new year desperate to become a ‘better’ version of yourself because that implies you aren’t ‘good enough’ right now. chatted to Confidence and Mindset Coach, Hattie MacAndrews (@hattie_macandrews on Instagram), to find out the seven best New Year’s Resolutions to set for 2022.

The year 2022 is fast approaching, which means it’s the time of year to make up New Year’s Resolutions and plan how you’re going to better yourself in the new year.

The New Year makes us panic into thinking we need to become a happier, thinner, more adventurous, more accomplished, ‘better’ version of ourselves, and Confidence and Mindset Coach Hattie doesn’t think that’s a good thing.

She said: “The New Year is a juicy cocktail of feeling unfulfilled, pressure to conform, comparisons to others (thank you social media) and quite frankly, boredom.

“I think we can all agree, it’s time to change this toxic narrative. Don’t we all have enough to worry about and keep our minds occupied, without putting extra pressure on ourselves? I think so.”

There’s nothing wrong with making resolutions and having goals to work towards, but Hattie reckons there is a problem if these resolutions come from feeling like you have to create a whole new version of ‘you’, just because it’s the New Year.

She explained: “The pressure can be overwhelming, as we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and feel like a failure when we inevitably don’t reach them.”

If you are still keen to make goals, the Confidence and Mindset coach has suggested seven positive resolutions to aim towards that will set you up for success and lead you into the New Year, perfect just as you are.

The power of saying no

Saying no is, ironically, the most liberating and freeing resolution to live by, Hattie said.

She explained: “It’s truly a one-size-fits-all approach, from social occasions you never enjoy, family gatherings you feel pressured to attend, taking on extra work when you’re already at capacity, signing yourself up to provide home-baked cakes for the parents meeting when you barely have time to brush your hair. The list goes on.

“Learning how to say no is the ultimate form of self-care, and no one will think any less of you for prioritising your own needs.”

Buy less – shop sustainably

Buying less or shopping sustainably will save you money and earn you brownie points with the Universe, as it’s obviously the eco-friendly option.

Hattie said: “If we’ve learned anything since the pandemic hit, isn’t it that we all have too much stuff?

“With little else to do, the British public spent weeks clearing clutter out of their homes, to unshackle ourselves of all the clutter we’ve gathered over the years. We just don’t need it.

“What we do need, is to buy less, and shop more sustainably. Or even better, shop second-hand.

“Pay attention to the brands that are paying attention to our planet. Ignorance is no longer bliss, and the further away we step from single-use shopping, the better.”

Invest in yourself

You might want to save money, but it is important to invest in things that are going to help you mentally, physically or emotionally.

Hattie said: “We don’t yet fully understand the implications on our mental health as a result of the multiple lockdowns, but I think we can all agree that each and every one of us has been affected, in some way or another.

“The saving grace is that no one is alone with this, and there are so many brilliant options for us to start building our confidence and working on our mindset.

“From online courses and workshops to free webinars, take time this year to invest in yourself. Learn a new weird and wonderful skill. Ever tried origami? Me neither, but I bet there’s a course out there somewhere.”

Spend Wisely

If you’re going to spend money, give it to someone who needs it! Small businesses were forced to make huge changes and adaptations to their entire business models in order to survive the ever-changing rules and regulations, Hattie pointed out.

She said: “Remarkably, last year saw an enormous rise in entrepreneurship, and as a result, many brilliant businesses and new ideas have been born.

“Let’s do all we can to show our love and support to those who need it most – from your morning coffee to your online food deliveries.

“If you’re thinking ahead to birthday presents and gifts, why not shop around for something unique or crafted by a small business.

“You can be sure they will appreciate your order far more than Amazon prime ever will.”

Learn how to be happy alone

The key thing here is, learning how to be happy being alone, not just being alone. Once you’ve mastered that skill, being alone can feel truly liberating and not at all terrifying, Hattie stressed.

The Confidence and Mindset Coach said: “A small step you can take towards this, is writing a list of all the things you enjoy doing alone – big or small.

“From doing the weekly shop to watching a new series or filling the car up with petrol – what allows you to feel independent and gives you peace?

“No matter how scary it feels at first, start small and work your way down the list – in time you’ll be booking solo holidays and tables for one. Be warned, once you start – you won’t want to stop.”

Health really is wealth

This one seems so blindingly obvious but is often neglected as people start to make their resolutions – health should be your priority.

Hattie said: “Health means taking care of yourself, prioritising your needs, putting sleep first and of course – saying no.

“Health is feeling like you’re able to spring out of bed in the morning and tackle whatever lies ahead for that day.

“The end of the festive period can leave us feeling totally drained and unbalanced, encouraging us to set unrealistic goals surrounding diet, exercise and our physical appearance.

“Focus on the inside – nourish your body, find a form of exercise that you love and the rest will come. Life really is too short to obsess over a number on the scale.”

Show Kindness

Kindness comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, but really it comes down to how you make others feel.

It costs nothing to be kind and it makes you feel good – so surely that’s a win all around?

Hattie said: “There are a million different ways to add kindness into your daily routine, whether that’s paying someone a compliment, checking in on a friend or going out of your way to help someone.

“Buy an extra coffee for your colleague. Pick up some flowers on your way home. Tell a stranger you like their shoes.

“It’s something small you can do every day, with a big impact on those around

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