New Years Resolutions: The goal YOU should be setting for 2022 based on your star sign

New Years Resolutions: The goal YOU should be setting for 2022 based on your star sign


Jupiter moves into Pisces on December 29 and it will stay there until May 10, 2022. Every sign should be rejoicing, as this transit brings five months of expansion and positivity for us all. However, which area of your life specifically is lit up depends on which house Jupiter is in on your chart. chatted to astrologer and manifesting coach Melanie Moore (, @mindfulnessmelanie on Instagram) to find out what new year’s resolutions you should be making for 2022, based on your Sun and Rising signs.

Approximately 80 percent of new year’s resolutions fail, and that could be because your goals aren’t aligned with astrology!

Jupiter moving into Pisces on December 29 for five months will allow you to expand in a specific area of your life, depending on what your star sign or Rising sign is.

So, it would be wise to set goals based on your astrologer as Jupiter is here to give you a push towards success.

Jupiter won’t be in Pisces again until 2034, so make sure you utilise this abundant energy while you can!

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Jupiter is the planet of luck, joy, opportunities and growth, so it’s especially important for us to track the Giant to set some New Year intentions, astrologer Melanie Moore explained.

She said: “Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, meaning this transit feels right at home.

“These next five months are here for us to grow more compassionate, spiritual and empathetic, whilst broadening our minds and hopefully our horizons too.

“A question to ask yourself as you go into the new year is, how can you bring more compassion, helpfulness and healing to the world?

“When an outer planet moves into a new sign it can have significant effects on the collective, but it will affect us each individually in a different way too.”

Melanie has revealed exactly what your new year’s resolutions should be based on your Sun and Rising signs.


If you’re becoming more curious about the spiritual side of life, then this transit could catapult you into new spiritual realms.

Start or continue to meditate, connect with nature, build a spiritual connection, do some inner work, reiki, sound healing, tarot or astrology work, or you could hire a spiritual coach to lead you in the right direction.

What new spiritual habits do you want to bring in 2022 with, Aries?


Taurus, you should be setting new year intentions around friends, groups and the community (whether in person or online).

Do you desire to attract more like-minded friends, or do you want to start building and connecting to your own online community?

Ask yourself how you can move society forward in a new innovative way. How can you bring people together? Is there any charity work you would like to accomplish this year?


If you’d like a career boost this year, then thank your lucky stars!

Jupiter will be activating the careers of Gemini Suns and Risings for the next five months.

Is there something new you want to try this year? Or perhaps you have your eyes set on that promotion.

Whatever it is, Gemini, Jupiter is in on your side. So, set some new year wishes centred around your legacy and career.

Ask yourself, what do you want to be remembered for?

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Is there something new that you’d like to learn this year? Perhaps your soul is longing for some new horizons?

Jupiter is asking you to set intentions around learning and then share your wisdom to help others.

Publishing also falls under this area of life. Do you have dreams of becoming published in top magazines or landing a new book deal? This is the transit for that to happen, Cancer!


If you’re looking to get serious in your business this year, then this is it!

Commission and big money fall under this transit for you, Leo, so what big business and money moves do you want to make in 2022?

If that isn’t of interest to you, then Jupiter is also highlighting deep, soulful transformation over these next five months.

At the end of this transit, how do you see yourself? What parts of you have you healed, ready for the next version of yourself?


Virgo, if you’re looking to bring forth a solid partnership, then this transit can help you tremendously!

Jupiter in Pisces will be activating one to one relationships for you over the next five months. Set some new year intentions around bringing in love.

Write a list of your ideal dream partner, or if you’re already taken, think about what you can do to elevate your relationship even more.

Not interested in love? One-to-one business partnerships or working one-to-one with clients also fall under this transit.


Libra’s aren’t too shy of work, and that’s what Jupiter is highlighting for you under this transit.

Is there a new job or a promotion that you’d like to wish for this new year?

Better health, diet and fitness is another great intention for you to set, so how can you improve such matters?

Also, ask yourself how can you bring more service to help others this year.


We all know how much Scorpio’s love intimacy, and luckily Jupiter has gifted you a stellar opportunity to attract some exciting love into your life over the next five months.

What kind of romance do you want to see blossoming in 2022?

Children will also be highlighted for you under this transit, Scorpio, will 2022 be the year of parenthood?


2022 is a great year for you to set intentions around your home and family, Sagittarius.

Is a new home on the cards for you Sagittarius? Where is your dream living location? Create a vision board of how you’d like your home to look.

Is 2022 the year you wish to start a family of your own? Or perhaps expand your current family unit.


Are there any short distance breaks that you’d like to take in the upcoming months?

If travelling isn’t your thing, then perhaps set new year intentions around communicating, socialising and networking with others.

Exercise being optimistic Capricorn and who knows who can grant you that next new exciting opportunity. It’s all about who you know, remember!


Money is your friend under this expansive transit, Aquarius.

Jupiter has gifted you by activating money and abundance, yay!

Take your new year intentions to be centred around money.

Do you have a certain amount you desire, or perhaps you’re due a pay rise? You may start a new stream of income under this transit.


Pisces, the next five months are a wonderful period for you with Jupiter in your sign.

It’s the perfect time for you to set intentions around your identity and who you are in this world.

What do you wish to call in? A complete new life path? More money, friends, love? The possibilities are endless when the expansive planet is in your sign.

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