OpenAI Says ChatGPT Clocks 100M Active Users Weekly

OpenAI Says ChatGPT Clocks 100M Active Users Weekly


OpenAI may be facing competition from other AI tech companies – such as Anthropic and Elon Musk’s newly launched xAI – but when it comes to chatbots, ChatGPT seemingly takes the throne.

The fast-growing AI company was launched just seven years ago and is now lauding its successes. ChatGPT now has 100 million active users weekly, CEO Sam Altman said at the OpenAI’s first-ever developer conference on Monday, November 6.

Beyond its fast-growing user base, OpenAI reported that over 2 million developers are working with its models to build new applications, per The Verge. The company additionally noted that 460 companies on the Fortune 500 companies list use OpenAI’s programs.

The conference, DevDay, is ongoing in San Francisco, California. Attendees in-person and those watching online are eagerly awaiting the news of a rumored program that will reportedly aid developers in creating their own chatbots.

In other tech news, Elon Musk’s AI chatbot Grok will only be available to X Premium+ subscribers.
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