Optical illusion ‘so accurate’ it’s scary shows if you freethink or follow crowd

Optical illusion ‘so accurate’ it’s scary shows if you freethink or follow crowd


This personality test has amazed people online by being “so accurate” at determining if you care too much about what other people think or have a unique way of looking at the world.

This psychological picture only requires the viewer to stare at this beautiful forest art piece, in which they should either see a man waking in a forest or a man’s face amongst the trees.

Depending on what you see first, this brainteaser hopes to reveal how you deal with opposing viewpoints and if you are a critical thinker.

This pretty yet strange artwork was first shared in a video online by the optical illusion specialist account @psychologylove100, which has become quickly popular on social media for its fun personality tests.

In the video comment section, one amazed user wrote: “These are so accurate” while another person commented: “This was so true about me!”

@psychologylove100 Are you dependent on the opinions of the other? #whatdoyousee #personlatytest #whatdoyouseefirst #psycologytest ♬ original sound – Psychologylove

Man travelling on a road 

If you first saw the traveller in the picture, then you are someone who knows their own mind and is not afraid to express their opinions. You pride yourself on not following the latest trends and being unique when it comes to your beliefs or personal tastes.

The optical illusion specialist said: “Other people’s opinions have no influence on your life. It’s true that sometimes consult those closest to you before making a decision, but if their arguments don’t convince you, then you don’t go along with them.”

You have no problem standing up for yourself and often do not care what other people think. However, your strong opinions can sometimes land you in trouble, but you are always open to learning different perspectives and new ideas.

The optical illusion specialist added: “When you’re talking to someone, you don’t mind disagreeing with the other person. This sometimes leads to conflict but you would rather stand by your opinion than pretend to agree with anyone else.”

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A man’s face amongst the trees 

If you first saw a man’s face amongst the trees, then you sometimes struggle with caring too much about what other people think. You enjoy having a stress-free life and it can worry you if someone appears not to like you.

Those around you think you have a sweet and bright personality, but you can find it hard to stand up for yourself or handle confrontation.

The optical illusion specialist said: “The opinions of others are important to you. Before making any decision, you consult those around you, and when they’re against it you let it go, even if it’s something you really care about.”

You are someone who is kind but struggles to draw firm boundaries with those closest to you, which means other people can often take advantage of your laid-back nature.

The optical illusion specialist added: “There’s nothing wrong with considering the opinions of those around you, but it’s also important to take a step back from them.”

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