Optical illusion tells you whether you are spontaneous or a control-freak

Optical illusion tells you whether you are spontaneous or a control-freak


An optical illusion has gone viral after calling out individuals who seek total control over their life and those who embrace spontaneity instead.

The personality test was shared on TikTok by @psychologylove100, a brainteaser aficionado who boasts more than 353,000 followers.

It has already garnered interest from more than 103,000 viewers and has proven a big hit with optical illusion fans across the platform.

On close inspection, the picture depicts a city stretching down the side of a mountain, but as the eyes zoom out, the face of Marylin Monroe appears in the landscape.

“Do you need to control everything?” asks the TikToker in the clip. “People who see the city are generally individuals who are constantly seeking control.”

These individuals tend to be perfectionist as they want to control the outcome of every situation. They need to be in charge and may feel stressed or anxious when they’re not. 

“They are very results-oriented and may have difficulty relaxing and letting go. They are also very conscientious and may lack flexibility if things don’t go to plan.

“People who see the rambler first are generally free beings who don’t need to control others or their environment. 

“These beings are very happy and [free] and love spontaneity. These individuals are often creative, intuitive, spiritual, and unconventional.

 “They don’t need a sense of control to feel good and enjoy spending time exploring, learning, creating, and experimenting.”

“They seek adventure rather than convention and enjoy surprise,” he added.

Finally, people who see Marilyn Monroe’s face tend to encompass both of the above characteristics and are generally individuals who aspire to the harmony between control and flexibility.

These people “have a strong ability to assess circumstances and adapt their behavior to get what they want”, noted the psychologist.

“[They] may appear calm and thoughtful, but they know how to achieve their goals without compromising on […] well-being.”

All in all, they seek to balance their needs with those of others and know how to navigate between control and freedom.

Viewers were quick to let the poster know their results in the comments, where one shared: “Yes, saw woman’s face first Marilyn Monroe so cool, so interesting and inspirational thank you.”

While the vast majority of commentators claim they saw Monroe’s face, some couldn’t help but admit that their eyes were drawn to the cityscape first.

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