People capture the interesting technological advancements of the past

People capture the interesting technological advancements of the past


Technology has come a long way! People share incredible snaps showing advancements of the past – including a man testing a helmet in 1912 and a selfie from 1839

  •  Snapshots into technological advancements were collated by Bored Panda
  • One snap shows a man testing a helmet by running into a wall in 1912
  • Another features Robert Cornelius taking a selfie before it was cool in 1839

Technology has come such a long way over the centuries it’s hard to imagine life with out it.

But back when photographs were few and far between some moments in time were captured, a glimpse into the interesting, funny and bizarre advancements of the past.

Some of the most captivating snapshots into history have been collated by Bored Panda into an interesting online gallery.

Among the amusing images is a man testing a helmet by running into a wall in 1912 and another shows a man appearing to take the world’s first selfie in 1839. 

Here, FEMAIL shares the most fascinating authentic pictures that documented the development of tech. 

 Ouch! Snapshots of technological advancements were collated by Bored Panda, among the amusing images is a man testing out the latest flight helmet by running into a wall in 1912

A precious moment caught on camera of a man listening to music on a record player for the first time in 1922

Selfie time! This adorable couple took a mirror portrait over 100 years ago in 1920 in their home town of Japan 

Paris Hilton might think she created the selfie however the world’s first selfie was taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius (pictured) 

Great engineering! One woman, in an unknown location, revealed how her motor cycle had stood the test of time and was still in great condition after 72 years

A native American telephone and switchboard operator was busy at work in Montana in 1925, well before people had personal phones , with the first mobile invented in 1973

Montreal playgrounds were on a different level in the 1950’s ! Modern-day playgrounds are built with the strictest safety precautions in mind, but this trend didn’t start until the 1970s

Some of the most unbelievable photos from the past are those of builders in New York, who  climbed scaffolding and hung from cranes with no harnesses or safety equipment. Just like this man on the Empire State building in 1930

Radio broadcasting was the cheapest form of entertainment, and it provided the public with far better entertainment than most people were accustomed to at the time. These men in Harlem certainly enjoyed gathering to listen to music in 1940 

In another snap, one Bavarian boy enjoyed playing with his camera which was known as a Sida and was made in Berlin. Production started in 1936.

This was Italian inventor Davide Chislagi in 1933 testing his single-wheel engine or Monowheel in France

Jacques Biederer who was an erotic photographer was captured hard at work in Paris in 1928. At 21, he decided to pursue his passion and relocated to Paris, where he and his brother established ‘Studio Biederer’ and they became the first photographers to specialise in pornography

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