People vent the frustration of hating their job

People vent the frustration of hating their job


Giving notice! Disgruntled employees vent job frustration with VERY unsubtle signs – from a sarcastic calendar to a billboard sending customers to a competitor

  • Diply has rounded up a selection of viral images from around the world 
  • Among the snaps is a drink labelled ‘dead inside’ by a miserable cafe employee 
  • Wendy’s employee in the US used the billboard to recommend McDonald’s  

Staying in a job that you don’t enjoy is sometimes a necessity when you have bills to pay, but these snaps prove everyone has their limits for how much they are willing to put up with.

Diply has rounded up a selection of images from around the world that have gone viral because of the shocking behaviour of disgruntled employees – including a Wendy’s staff member in the US, who used the restaurant’s billboard to recommend customers go to McDonald’s instead.

Another snap shows an employee comparing their colleagues to Christmas lights that don’t work and aren’t very bright. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the ways people seem to have been angling to get fired. 

Diply has rounded up amusing images from around the world that show employees venting dissatisfaction with their jobs – including a takeaway restaurant employee, from the US, who tried to discourage customers by mentioning they have a cold and service will be slow 

Sipping on poison! One person, from the US, was shocked to read the label on their drink had the message ‘dead inside’ instead of their name 

Another employee, whose location is unknown, took the frustration of their job out on a sign advising staff to wash their hands by writing an unsavoury-looking response 

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Wishing they worked at the golden arches! An employee at Wendy’s in the US used a billboard at the restaurant to encourage customers to go to McDonald’s instead

Not the brightest spark! One disgruntled employee, from the US, penned a note comparing their colleagues to Christmas lights that aren’t very bright and don’t work 

Another person, from the US, hung a calendar in their office admitting they are in only their job because the field they prefer isn’t hiring 

Farewell customers! An employee, believed to be in the U.S, vented problems about working at Chipotle to visitors of the restaurant 

A Canadian staff member, who was fed up of their job in a supermarket, took the time to neatly stack a shelf of cereals upside down 

Fed up with the small talk in their office, one employee, from the US, printed a list of responses in anticipation of any conversation their colleagues may try to start 

That’s the way the cookie crumbles! A baker, who lives in the UK, took the time to attach notes complaining about their job on the packaging of biscuits 

One business owner, from an unknown location, found themselves in a challenging situation when their designer created a notification to vent the frustrations 

Another store employee, who works in the US, explained why they hate their job on a label attached to an oven 

Walking on eggshells! An employee in a fast food restaurant in the US told customers they should be mindful of how they speak to staff 

Another disgruntled worker in the US penned a lengthy list of problems that they couldn’ ignore in their resignation letter 

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