Pet groomer accidentally tells customer dog is dead in extreme autocorrect fail

Pet groomer accidentally tells customer dog is dead in extreme autocorrect fail


Every pet lover's worst nightmare is hearing the news that your dearly beloved fur-baby has passed away.

It's the one that keeps us up at night and we hope will never come true.

So when a dog owner picked up their phone, they were horrified to read a matter-of-fact message from their groomer saying their dog was dead.

In a post on Reddit, the user shared a picture of their phone screen which showed a text conversation between them and their dog groomer.

The user wrote alongside the picture: "Startlingly matter of fact message from the groomer."

It showed the groomer texting the client: "Hi Dexter is dead," at 10.10am.

A minute later at 10.11am the groomer had quickly realised their mistake and rushed to confirm Dexter was, in fact, very much alive and well.

They wrote: "Hi dexter is ready now!! Sorry stupid auto-correct."

Proving the pooch was fine they then sent a picture of Dexter looking freshly groomed standing and waiting for his owner.

The groomer added: "He's had a great time x."

Reddit users immediately rushed to the comments section to get in on the joke.

One wrote: "Dexter looks remarkably well considering the circumstances."

Another joked: "Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated."

"That 3 minute taxidermy job has to be some kind of record," said another.

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"God this is so comical. I'm in stitches. Something about the blunt message, and the picture proving that the dog is not in fact dead has set me off. Brilliant," one commented.

Another agreed saying: " Me too I was honestly wondering wtf is wrong with me but I'm glad I'm not alone in finding this absurdly funny."

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