Phillip Lim Relaunches Menswear Focusing on Essentials

Phillip Lim Relaunches Menswear Focusing on Essentials


After a COVID-19 hiatus, 3.1 Phillip Lim menswear is finally back with an emphasis on essential pieces. The relaunch is also accompanied by a change in business model, adapting the drop based model that characterizes streetwear and sneakers.

The new collections are called “kits” and it is estimated that four collections will be released per year. In addition to being designed and shot in New York City, Kit 1 was inspired by the evolving 3.1 Phillip Lim man.

Phillip Lim said: “When we were redesigning men’s, we wanted to go off instinct; what pieces felt essential to his wardrobe. It is a reboot and rebuilding of the pieces he needs to create his perfect wardrobe. The kits are meant to be styled within each other.”

Kit 1 explores navigating the urban jungle of NYC. The debut kit features a total of 25 items, including a printed short sleeve shirt, a muscle tank, shorts, track pants, a knit v-neck shirt, tapered trousers, a bowler jacket, a packable anorak and more. As an essentials collection, the colors are simple — muted reds, creams, navy blues and black permeate the collection, offering a number of timeless and versatile options.

Phillip Lim said: “He follows his own path, sets his own rules and refuses to be defined. Always evolving, each kit exudes a certain vibe, not in how it’s worn but how he carries it. It will continuously build from the concept of wardrobing, allowing him to be present for whatever his journey may be. He wears it with confidence, intelligence and ease.”

Kit 1 is now available on the 3.1 Phillip Lim website with Kit 2 dropping this fall.

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