Photographer exposes secret body language messages hidden in our snaps

Photographer exposes secret body language messages hidden in our snaps

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  • Everyone says a picture is worth a thousand words – but what are your photos saying?

    Photography experts at Parrot print have exposed the secret messages hidden by your body language in your photos.

    A big cheesy grin can hide a lot, but according to the experts, reading these seven cues can reveal a person's true feelings.

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    Everyone displays both open and closed body language – but it often goes deeper than that.

    When it comes to photos our posture, gestures and distance from others can reveal a lot more about ourselves and our relationships with others than we may realise.

    For example, gestures like having your arm around someone or leaning your head on someone's chest are easy ways to spot a close relationship.

    But what about the more subtle tells?

    Bad posture

    If someone has bad posture in a picture it could indicate some stress or lack of confidence. To appear positive, and full of energy be sure to stand with your chest out and your shoulders back for your pictures.

    Head tilt

    If people are tilting their heads towards one another in a picture this indicates they’re fond of one another and they get along.

    Tight lips

    People who have their lips tightly sealed in photos can be seen as untrustworthy and the lack of an open smile could indicate that they're not as happy as they usually are.

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    Leaning head on chest

    This one tends to be more for couples, if your partner is leaning their head on your chest in photos it indicates they feel safe and protected by you and that they are dependent on you.

    Arm over someone's shoulder

    If someone throws their arm over your shoulder when snapping a picture, it shows they have a fairly dominant personality and they like to be in control.

    Open body language

    If someone's body language is generally open it means they’re comfortable and confident. They’ll be taking up most of the room with their legs and arms spread out.

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    When people mirror one another's body language, it becomes very clear that they’re very close to one another and they probably spend a lot of time together and have picked up each other's mannerisms.

    A spokesperson for Parrot Print said: “Looking at people's body language can be really interesting and it can actually tell you a lot – a picture says a thousand words right?

    “Simple things like tilting heads together and mirroring body language can show that people are close and get along.

    “However, other types of body language like poor posture and tight lips may indicate something completely different!

    “Once you understand the signals you are giving off to others you may want to make use of this knowledge to use body language to your advantage when posing for photographs in future.”

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