Photos reveal design fails that have gone viral on the internet

Photos reveal design fails that have gone viral on the internet


Call quality control! Hilarious gallery reveals VERY baffling design fails spotted around the world – from a mattress that looks stained to a terrifying shop mannequin

  • The Fun Post has rounded up viral images of design fails from around the world 
  • Among the images is a heroes mug that on first glance appears to read herpes 
  • Another snap shows a mannequin showcasing a child’s dress with an adult head 

From a terrifying shop mannequin to a mug that apparently says ‘herpes’, the world’s most baffling design fails are featured in a hilarious online gallery.  

The Fun Post has rounded up a selection of images that have gone viral on the internet after people spotted embarrassing mistakes that could have been easily avoided with a little bit of quality control. 

A maze for children, for example, put the entrance and the exit to the puzzle side-by-side, making it laughably easy for even the youngest player. 

Elsewhere a mattress was deliberately designed with a brown print at the bottom that has the effect of making it look horribly stained. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the most bizarre examples…  

The Fun Post has rounded up a selection of hilarious design fails from around the world – including a mannequin with a terrifying oversized head

Subliminal messaging! A photograph of Diesel underwear folded in boxes appears to be sending a very sinister message to shoppers 

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One viral photograph taken at a supermarket gives the illusion of a mother having one arm while her child has two horns on their head 

Another image being widely shared on the internet shows a ‘heroes’ mug that on first glance could be mistakenly read as ‘herpes’

Not in your wildest dreams! A snap of a mattress with a brown forest design made shoppers look twice to check if it was a stain 

One photograph shows a brainteaser for children which can be solved within seconds after the artist positioned the start and finish next to each other 

Another design fail shows a low calories drink appearing to have no taste, after putting the word ‘zero’ in the wrong place 

An accident waiting to happen! A photograph of a fire hydrant in the centre of a car park has left the internet wondering how many cars have been damaged 

One questionable photograph shows a toilet randomly placed on a staircase without a sink or walls for privacy 

Another viral image appears to instruct an owner on how to construct their new chair, before demonstrating that they should sit on a different one 

Speed bumps! A photograph of a bike lane with a random object sticking up from the ground reveals cycling is full of unexpected hazards 

Another photograph shows a woman wearing a pair of jeans with pockets not designed to carry modern phones 

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