Piers Morgan mocks Prince Harry for ‘massive chip on his shoulder’ in brutal dig

Piers Morgan mocks Prince Harry for ‘massive chip on his shoulder’ in brutal dig


Piers Morgan slated Prince Harry on his Twitter page, as he said he has a "massive chip on his shoulder".

The exchange came after one of his followers teased him about a recent football development.

The former Good Morning Britain presenter couldn’t resist reacting after a tweet came through debating a recent game.

"Bet you wouldn’t call it a brilliant goal if Meghan Markle chipped the keeper from 35 yards," the person goaded.

But many fans were thrilled with the journalist’s "perfect response" as he fired back in the comments.

"The only chip Princess Pinocchio knows is the massive one on her husband’s shoulder…" he said.

People flocked to the comments to reply to the 56-year-old’s jibe, as one person praised: "I proper laughed out loud piers."

"Touché – perfect response!" another wrote next to a series of clapping emojis.

Others weren’t so supportive of Piers slating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex yet again.

One person claimed the presenter was being a hypocrite with his criticism, saying: "Wow!! Pot/ kettle situation here."

"To be fair, I think she’s also fairly aware of the chip you’ve been crying about for the last 3 years," another pointed out.

A third declared: "And you of course have no chips on your shoulder!"

While a fourth teased: "I like you Mr Morgan. You are a well balanced man. You have a chip on both shoulders."

Piers’s latest jibe comes as just another in the long line of the Life Stories host’s barrage of criticism against Meghan and Harry.

The newspaper editor stepped down from his role anchoring GMB next to Susanna Reid in March after complaints over his severe criticism and controversial comments over Meghan Markle.

Things came to a head when Piers stormed out of the studio following an argument with weather man Alex Beresford.

The reporter criticised Piers for claiming Meghan had been lying over her mental health struggles during her televised interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Despite stepping down from the show, Piers is said to have lots more projects in the pipeline.

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