Playboy model shaves head after Covid-19 infection ’causes hair to fall out’

Playboy model shaves head after Covid-19 infection ’causes hair to fall out’


A Playboy model and fitness influencer has shaved her head after claiming the lasting effects of a Covid-19 infection were causing her to go bald.

Anna Stupak, who has 950,000 Instagram followers, @anna3.0.5, shared the details of her run in with the deadly illness.

She made it public that she would be shaving her head after the virus caused her hair to fall out and took her mother’s life.

Anna shared her transformation with the internet saying that she hoped it would help her to take back control and to empower others who were affected by so-called long Covid.

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The Playboy covergirl commented: “It was even harder to see everyday how hair was falling out every minute.

“I woke up every morning in a bed full of hair, I was afraid to brush it even more.

“I think seeing this is more stressful than losing your hair itself.”

Anna continued: “My hair was always my comfort zone, it was the only thing that was always long and shiny and I was always proud of it.

“I couldn't allow greed to take away my self-esteem too, so I cut that off as an act of empowerment and I'm sharing this story as an act of solidarity to inspire everyone to regain control of the virus."

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People around the world have reported long term symptoms caused by a coronavirus infection including fatigue, brain fog and headaches.

Anna said: “Unfortunately, Covid took people's lives, sleep, free will, family members and more.

“I just decided it was enough and I was going to take back control of my life and not allow her to have any more control over me.

“I shaved my head in support of all the people who have gone through or are going through these horrible aftermaths of Covid, people who have lost their hair, health, or worse yet – lives.

“Just like it happened to me with the loss of my dear mother. I want everyone to be strong and stay positive”.

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