Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit the Transport Museum

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit the Transport Museum


‘I’m self-isolating!’ The Duchess of Cornwall jokes with Prince Charles about coronavirus by hopping into an air-raid shelter during a visit to the London Transport Museum

  • Prince Charles, 71, and Duchess of Cornwall, 72, visited Transport Museum today
  • Armed with umbrellas they braved the ghastly London weather for engagement
  • Camilla quipped she was ‘self-isolating’ when she hopped in a air raid shelter 
  • Patiently waited to hop on a new electric double-decker to  drive them to venue
  • Transport for London celebrates its 20th anniversary this year  

The Duchess of Cornwall joked she was ‘self-isolating’ during a visit to the Transport Museum this afternoon in an apparent quip on the coronavirus.   

Prince Charles, 71, and Camilla, 72, did not let the weather dampen their spirits as they took an eco-friendly double-decker bus to the Transport Museum in London this afternoon. 

The royals toured the event with London Mayor Sadiq Khan to mark the 20th anniversary of Transport for London, which was introduced by the Greater London Authority Act in 2019 and took effect in 2000.

Hopping into a one-person air raid shelter during a tour she took with Prince Charles, to mark the 20th anniversary of Transport for London, Camilla joked: ‘I am self-isolating.’    

The Duchess of Cornwall (pictured) joked she was ‘self-isolating’ as she hopped in a air raid shelter during the Prince Charles and her tour of the Transport Museum in London this afternoon 

Camilla and Charles rode in an eco-friendly double-deck bus with excited pupils on their way to the event in Covent Garden (pictured) 

The duchess wore gloves during the engagement but Charles did not, and the couple shook hands with some of those they met.

It comes a day after the Queen unusually wore large white gloves at a Buckingham Palace investiture for what was believed to be the first time. 

The Government has advised thorough hand-washing as efforts continue to stop the spread of the disease.

Charles and Camilla had enjoyed a ride to the museum on an electric bus, boarding the red double decker at a specially installed temporary bus stop outside Clarence House. 

The Prince of Wales, 71, and the Duchess of Cornwall, 72, are visiting the Transport London Museum this afternoon to mark Transport for London’s 20th anniversary (pictured waiting to hop on a new electric double-decker bus to go to the venue)

The couple took their seat in the middle of the upper-deck before they moved on the the seat by the windscreen to get a better view

Onboard the special service! Charles and Camilla will tour the museum, which contains a collection of more than 500,000 items this afternoon

In spite of the rain, Camilla was all smiles as Charles and her awaiting their bus earlier this afternoon (pictured)

Sheltered from the rain on the bus’s upper-deck, Charles and Camilla exchanged pleasantries with Transport for London Commissioner Mike Brown (left

Wearing a dark grey coat over a stylish blue suit, Prince Charles looked relaxed as he waited for his transport. 

Wrapped up in a cornflower blue winter coat and covering from the rain with a see-through white umbrella, Camilla smiled widely, ready to ride around London in the new bus. 

She dressed stylishly yet sensibly for the weather, covering up with a pair of leather gloves with black swede boots and a clutch bag also in black. 

The lapel of her coat revealed a white blouse with long sleeves while the slit of her coat showed she was wearing a blue midi skirt. 

Seated at the front of the top deck, they took in views of central London which were somewhat obscured by the rain. 

Prince Charles warmly shook hands with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who was waiting to welcome him at the museum 

Once at the museum, officials respectfully waiting until Charles and Camilla had alighted the bus to exit it

The Prince of Wales took to the mic during the event that celebrated TfL’s history this afternoon 

The Duchess of Cornwall spent time with the children busy in the play area of the museum during the visit 

Both Charles and Camille were handed commemorative plaques engraved with their respective titles 

The environmentally friendly bus, accompanied by a police escort, took the couple, TfL staff and a group of schoolchildren on the 10-minute journey down Pall Mall and past Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden.

During a tour of the museum, the couple sat in a 1938 Tube carriage and recorded a message which will be played on the capital’s transport network at some stage later in the year.

They also met TfL apprentices and staff who have pioneered environmental and mental health schemes in the workplace, as well as crisis response staff, as they walked around the building with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

At one stage Camilla, who chatted to school pupils in a children’s section of the museum, sat down in the soft play area as the young people showed her the various activities on offer.

One little girl said she had been learning about environmental issues in school, telling Camilla: ‘Antarctica’s melting.’

Before unveiling a plaque to commemorate TfL’s two decades, Charles made a short speech praising the ‘pure genius’ of how the operation works.

He told the various staff gathered: ‘It is remarkable how you do it, how you manage to make such an immense operation work so well. 

Camilla beamed as she held the ‘HRH the Duchess of Cornwall’ during the TfL event this afternoon

Dressed in a stylish electric blue suit, Charles listened intently to Sadiq Khan as he talked him through the visit 

A smiling Camilla waved at the group from inside the bus during the journey to the Transport Museum 

Looking sharp in a blue coat, Camilla graciously smiled as Prince Charles appeared in deep conversation with TfL Commissioner Mike Brown (right)

‘And how you also manage to do new projects, upgrading of stations and lines and everything else at the same time as providing the service to the public.

‘It is, in my opinion, pure genius how you do it.’

Transport for London was created in 2000  as part of the Greater Authority by the Greater Authority Act 1999. 

TfL’s responsibility is to look after London’s network of principal road routes, for various rail networks including the London Overground, Underground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and TfL rails. 

The museum’s collection includes 500,000 items dedicated to the innovations in British urban transport, and dates back to the 1920s. 

It includes everything from locomotives which powered the world’s first underground railway, to one of the most important collections of 20th century poster art. 

London mayor Sadiq Khan talked Prince Charles through the tour this afternoon while the two men walked along the different old models of buses on show (pictured) 

The Prince of Wales seemed in great spirits during the event as he exchanged jokes with Sadiq Khan and other attendees (pictured) 

The royal took the time to speak to other guests. The event celebrates the 20th anniversary of TfL, which was introduced in 2000

The Duchess of Cornwall smiled at the camera at the Transport for London event in London this afternoon (pictured) 

Prince Charles warmly waved at royal fans during the visit at the Transport Museum while Camilla looked on 

TFL Staff (background) warmly applauded the royals during the visit after Charles made a short speech applauded their ‘pure genius’ 

Camilla listened carefully to a member of staff as she enthusiastically talked her through the day 

Sadiq Khan and Prince Charles led the way during the visit as they passed between two old bus models 

The Prince of Wales and Mayor of London looked on as they entered an old underground car (pictured)



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