Prince Charles looks ‘frailer recently’ says expert – Queen has ‘stronger body language’

Prince Charles looks ‘frailer recently’ says expert – Queen has ‘stronger body language’


Prince Charles 'needs strong people around him' says expert

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As the oldest heir apparent in history, Prince Charles has spent his entire life knowing he will be the next monarch. With the Queen being 95 years old, it is only a matter of time before Charles takes his place as the sovereign. 

There is a lot of speculation about what kind of monarch Charles will be, and a body language expert spoke exclusively to about the signals Charles has given off lately regarding his future role.

Judi James said: “That trip up the stairs as he took to the stage at COP to launch his important pitch as a global leader in terms of his voice on the environment might have just been an unlucky accident but it did seem significant of the new stage of Prince Charles’s life as a royal in his seventies.

“The death of his father will have left Charles with a strong sense of his own mortality but the good health of his mother will mean he will hopefully have more years to wait before he finally catches up with his destiny.

“He seems to have assumed that those remaining years could have been spent in a more contemplative life that would have mirrored his heroes and role models Van Der Post and Attenborough.

“With all the dramas of his divorce and risky marriage to Camilla behind him, Charles might have assumed he could lead a life where the only controversies might have been prompted deliberately by some of his hard-hitting views on global warming or modern architecture and where his age and years of service would mean he could enjoy the respect and admiration of the public.

“But, finding himself rocked by a new set of dramas created by events like the fallout of Harry’s criticisms, Charles might have felt he had been thrown back into the days of his marriage break-down.

“The past couple of years have been some of the most controversial of his life and we have seen a more emotional and less vigorous Prince as a result.

“Unlike his other two great role-models, his father Philip and his uncle Lord Mountbatten, Charles has been looking frailer recently and less infused with the kind of inner energy that kept both those men looking jovial and fit into their later years, and that trip on the stairs seemed symbolic of this change.

“Some of his anxiety rituals have decreased but his walk lacks his former energy and, sitting or walking with his mother at formal events, it is often the Queen who appears to show the stronger body language signs of physical resilience and mental stoicism.

“Charles does have moments when he shows signs of enjoying being the centre of attention in a way that he could never achieve with Diana eclipsing him.

“When he does his royal visits will often become more of a performance where he is seen telling jokes and chuckling with his hosts and the royal fans.

“But he can also fall into an expression of melancholy, with his steepled brows and his awkward mouth-stretches.

“It is in these moments that we can see his traits of ambition and determination alternating with a look that borders on self-pity for his plight and maybe his destiny.

“Charles does look restless at times but he also looks like a man who is restless for something that he is dreading.

“His non-verbal signals suggest someone keen on tradition and old-fashioned chivalry and romance and this could clearly drive a wedge between his own world and the fast-paced change of modern life and culture by the time he takes the throne.”

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