Ray J Wins $17,000 Playing Penny Slots In L.A.’s San Manuel Casino

Ray J Wins $17,000 Playing Penny Slots In L.A.’s San Manuel Casino


Lady Luck was on Ray J’s side earlier this week when he visited the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino, California. The San Manuel Casino is known for being a 24/7 gaming destination, offering guests a variety of slots and table games at all hours of the day (though there’s no word on what time Ray J hit it up).

According to TMZ, the rapper won a cool $17,000 while playing a penny slots game known as “Buffalo”. Ray J reportedly only put down $100 before earning the thousand-dollar payout. The publication notes that a large crowd had formed around the celebrity by the time he won. But rather than noticing him for his fame, the crowd was impressed with the celebrity’s huge earnings.

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However, there may be one person who’s not impressed – Ray J’s  partner Princess Love, with whom he shares two children. The couple have notoriously been on-and-off for years. During an argument that took place in 2019, which escalated online, Princess seemed to imply Ray J struggles with gambling addiction.

At the time, Princess had taken to social media to allege that Ray J abandoned her and their daughter in Las Vegas during the Soul Train Awards, All Day Drip reports. Princess was 8 months pregnant with their second child at the time. After Ray J posted a video defending himself (and denying that he left Princess and their daughter), the Love & Hip Hop star turned to her own social media accounts to share her side of the story.

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In a live story posted to Instagram, Princess claimed that Ray J was upset she was refusing to move permanently to Las Vegas with him. During the video, she seemed to suggest he has a gambling problem. “There’s too many distracts [sic] [in Vegas],” Princess said. “You already like to gamble.”

Although the couple has filed for divorce twice in the past several years, they remain together. Their son, Epik Ray, is 14-months old, while their daughter, Melody Love, is 2 ½. Earlier this year (after it was  revealed the pair  called off their divorce for a second time), a representative for Princess and Ray J told PEOPLE Magazine they’re working hard to save their marriage. The rep called it a “difficult time” for the parents and asked for privacy. Previously, Ray J admitted that he and Princess were seeking marriage counselling after he initially refused to attend therapy.

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