Row breaks out as 'flimsy' plastic free Poppies

Row breaks out as 'flimsy' plastic free Poppies


Row breaks out over ‘flimsy’ plastic-free poppies that are supposed to cut down on waste – but wearers say they have to by multiple as they are falling apart

  • The 100 per cent paper version of the poppy was released on October 26 
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The new plastic free poppy designed to cut down on waste has been slammed as ‘flimsy’ and ‘rubbish,’ with many hoping to pay their respects to fallen soldiers they have to buy multiple as they ‘break easily’.

The poppy is worn by millions of Brits as a symbol of respect for soldiers and remembrance of wars.

Last month, the Royal British Legion released the new design in line with the government’s ban on single-use plastics.

The charity, which has made the poppy since 1922, said the new version is made out of ‘renewable fibres from responsible sources’, including coffee cups. 

Unlike the old poppy, which has a plastic green stem and black centre, the new version can be recycled in household collections. 

The Royal British Legion has been developing the plastic-free poppy for the past three years as part of its efforts to become more sustainable. The new poppy is pictured

However, the new plastic free poppy has been slammed as weak, with many taking to X – formerly known as Twitter – to complain.

While many decried what they see as ‘anti-plastic mania’ others took to the platform to complain about the flimsiness of the new paper design. 

One dubbed the new design ‘utter rubbish’.

While another described the new plastic-free poppy as ‘pathetic’, with one person claiming that ‘the leaf rips away from the poppy’ due to the paper design. 

Another said: ‘The new poppy design is rubbish. I have lost three already because of the wedged shape of the base.’

A third agreed: ‘Have you actually tried the new ones? They’re flimsy. Buy one on 1st November and you’;; be onto poppy number three or four by Remembrance Sunday.’  

A fourth person rejected the Royal British Legion’s efforts to become more sustainable, writing:  I don’t care how recyclable it is, some things are more important’.’  

Taking a different tack, another user posted: ‘Yuk! The new plastic-free poppy is dreadful – more of everyday life being made worse because of anti-plastic mania. What a decline over the years.’

The previous version of the poppy included a green plastic stem and a black plastic stigma

A number of people took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to complain about the flimsiness of the new paper design

Another commented: ‘You can’t even buy a plastic poppy to wear for a few weeks before chucking it in the bin/street/canal these days. It’s anti-plastic mania gone mad, I’m tellin’ ya!’

While a third shared that they would this year be using their ‘old plastic poppy’ in what could be described as an act of protest against the world-wide drive to reduce plastic pollution. 

They wrote: ‘Uses old plastic poppy. Can’t be arsed to donate for this years one. Shame, would have greatly helped veterans and their families. Never mind, virtue signalling achieved.’ 

One posted: ‘A plastic free poppy is well overdue! I can now buy one with a clear conscience’.

There have been many different incarnations of the poppy since the the Royal British Legion started making then in 1922 . Early poppies are pictured

There have been many different incarnations of the poppy since the the Royal British Legion started making then in 1922 . 1950s – 2020s pictured

Another was careful to point out that ‘most incarnations’ of the Royal British Region’s remembrance poppy, which dates back to 1922, were in fact plastic-free.

Drawing attention to a cardboard version that was commonplace in the 1940s and the cotton version from the 1920s, she wrote: ‘The evolution of the poppy shows that most incarnations did not contain plastic. I assume you also think the 1940s poppy is dreadful. And the 1920s…’

Others noticed that some MPs where wearing the old plastic model, including MP Lee Anderson.  

‘Last year’s poppy, this year’s have no plastic!!!’

The shift to a plastic-free poppy this year provoked numerous passionate responses on X, formerly known as Twitter 

Another said: ‘Is that not a recycled poppy… looks very plastic…’ 

Even Rishi Sunak was pulled up for apparently failing to have updated his poppy for 2023. 

Following an appearance from Mr Sunak on ITV, an X user posted: ‘Where did Sunak get that poppy from? It has a plastic stem. Must be from last year’s supply, the cheapskate! They are all now made from paper according to the Royal British Legion!’

Yet with the Royal British Legion still offering the old plastic design as an alternative until remaining stocks are sold, it’s equally possible that the Prime Minister did make a donation this year. 

The organisation hopes that by 2025 all poppies sold will be plastic-free.  

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