‘Russian Popeye’ posts video of woman licking his nose in strange clip

‘Russian Popeye’ posts video of woman licking his nose in strange clip


An internet personality star, known as the ‘Russian Popeye’, has baffled fans by posting a bizarre clip where a woman licks his nose.

Kirill Tereshin, who refers to himself as a “professional bodybuilder”, previously made headlines after he injected oil into his biceps.

Tereshin, who goes by Bazooka Hands online, rose to fame after injecting Synthol oil, a chemical known within the bodybuilding community as "posing oil" into his arms.

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Yesterday, he posted the clip to his posted the clip to his 266K followers on Instagram.

He captioned the two-second clip: “Cutting it up with Twitch. She loves licking my nose”.

The clip was posted to his Twitch account three days earlier titled “Chika came to inspect the hands of the bazooka and the new apartment on Kutuzov”.

The steam lasted for two hours and 26 minutes, and was tagged as “just chatting”.

It is not known who the blonde woman in the clip is.

Due to his online behaviour and unusual look, the internet personality is frequently attacked by online trolls.

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This latest post was no different, with comments including: “He's about as stable as a one-legged table”.

“Brave B**ch”, another added.

A third commented: “Use as a dislike”.

Tereshin, from the Russian city of Pyatigorsk, recently returned to Moscow after leaving to live in Bali for several months.

He announced his return to the "paradise" of Russia with a video posted to YouTube showing people’s reaction to his unusual physique.

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The content creator then posted people’s reactions to him walking down the street and let's say there were a lot of turned heads.

Shortly after he began approaching random women on the street to offer them money to come back to his apartment and stream with him.

He continues to proposition several other women in the video offering them money to go home with him. They were all unsuccessful.

Tereshin ended the video by claiming that a lot of people recognised him and were just shy towards him, which he did not expect.

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