Sainsbury’s shoppers fuming as supermarket raises delivery charge to £80

Sainsbury’s shoppers fuming as supermarket raises delivery charge to £80


Sainsbury’s customers are raging after the supermarket giant announced it would be raising the price of delivery passes.

The grocer’s “anytime delivery pass” allows the owner to book a slot for their shopping to be delivered once every day of the week for free – including weekends.

Prior to Sainsbury’s turnaround the cost of such a pass was £60, but now it will set shoppers back a whopping £80 instead.

And, furious customers have taken to Twitter to complain about the new price – as well as the changing cost of other delivery passes.

Shopper Michelle wrote to Sainsbury’s on social media and said: “Could I speak to someone about delivery pass renewal please? Had mine cancelled despite updating card details – now paying £20 more…"

Another Twitter user added: "Along with many others I will be closing my a/c. Sainsbury's are crazy if they think they can put up food prices and then hit loyal customers who have shopped with them for years with delivery pass increase from £60 to £80."

The “midweek delivery pass” which allows online grocery shops to be delivered on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays has also been upped in price.

Where before it cost £30 it will now set you back £40.

And, the six month “anytime delivery pass” was repriced at £40 from £35.

The Mirror claims that there was no midweek delivery pass available on Sainsbury’s website yesterday, May 4, but that reports suggest the pass was only £18 last year.

The supermarket has also stopped the selling of its three-month delivery passes, replacing them with monthly passes.

The monthly “anytime delivery pass” comes in at £7.50 while the monthly “midweek delivery pass” comes in at £4.

On the website, the three-month “midweek delivery pass” is indeed priced at £10 while the three-month “anytime delivery pass” costs £20.

The hike in cost comes a month after UK inflation reached an enormous 7%.

It’s the highest inflation percentage the country has seen in 30 years.

Experts predict another 8% hike later this year and Kantar also revealed that grocery prices are 5.9 per cent higher in April than they were last year.

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George Day, 74, from Whyteleafe in Surrey told The Sun: “We are pensioners. We rely on the delivery pass service as it is hard for us to get out and about these days.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Last year we updated our online groceries services so that we can offer simpler, more flexible ways to shop with us, while still offering great value.”

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