Sexual meaning of zesty explained as slang goes viral on TikTok

Sexual meaning of zesty explained as slang goes viral on TikTok


Social media has always been a place where new slang is born. Whether it be references to memes or witty combinations of words, there's always something new trending.

TikTok has a whole world of bizarre viral trends – including the latest sex trend of "vabbing" – hacks, and new meanings for words you've probably used many times before.

One such word that's become viral slang on TikTok is "zesty." When you think of the word, what probably pops into your mind is something fruity – maybe a lemon or orange.

But the word has more than one meaning and use on TikTok. Here's what you need to know.

What does "zesty" mean on TikTok?

The word zesty is typically defined as "appealingly piquant or lively" and "full of energy, enthusiasm and flavour." On TikTok, it actually means the same.

People on the social media platform usually use the word when talking about specific videos or trends that are fun to watch or exciting.

If something is zesty on TikTok, it means it’s thrilling, entertaining and stimulating. It could be anything from a song or dance to a person or movie.

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And the word seems to be quite popular as a TikTok slang, with hashtag #zesty racking up over 78 million views on the app.

In our real lives, we are most likely to come across the word zesty in connection to food. However, the word applies to many different things on TikTok.

Does zesty have a sexual meaning?

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While zesty is usually used on TikTok to describe something fun and energetic, but it also has a pretty racy meaning on the app.

Some people use zesty in a sexual way, to describe someone or something that's sexy, provocative or sexually attractive.

For instance, an sensual image or video could be described as a "zesty thirst trap."

A thirst trap is a social media post, meant to capture a person or people's attention, especially targeted at someone who you might fancy.

Thirst traps can be anything from sexy pictures to x-rated videos, that can entice us – with the word zesty making for a great description of them.

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