Shawn Mendes Flew Across an Ocean to Celebrate Camila Cabello's Birthday


It's the stuff of rom-com legend: Shawn Mendes was hanging out in Toronto, Canada, one minute and then the next thing fans know, he's out celebrating his girlfriend's birthday — only the festivities were in England. According to Elle, snapshots of Mendes at the Toronto airport yesterday and he appeared on Camila Cabello's Instagram Story when she posted from her party at Blackpool Tower.

2019 MTV Video Music Awards Shawn Mendes Camila Cabello

Elle notes that the transatlantic flight clocked in at more than six hours and that Mendes traveled over 3,300 miles to be with Cabello on her 23rd birthday. She's in the U.K. working on a new adaptation of Cinderella and Mendes has been quiet on social media since the Grammy Awards. He didn't even post anything to commemorate Cabello's birthday, though his appearance on her Stories seems to be evidence enough of how much he loves her.

Cinderella's director, Kay Cannon, posted a shot from the party on her Instagram, which happened to feature Mendes and Cabello together.

Die-hard Mendes fans will note that this isn't the first time that Mendes crossed an ocean for his girl. Back on Valentine's Day, he met up with her in London and took her out on a date that involved Michelin Stars, flowers, and chocolate. Call it love, call it research. Whatever you want to call it, these crazy kids are in love.

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