Social media users share acts of rude customers at restaurants

Social media users share acts of rude customers at restaurants


Here’s a tip. Don’t come back! Restaurant workers reveal the VERY rude customers they’ve had to endure – from leaving a rude note instead of a gratuity to bare feet on the table

  • People from around the world share horrible moment for servers of restaurants
  • One snap shows an unfortunate server who had drinks thrown all over her
  • Meanwhile a father appears to let his son wee in a cup in the middle of a cafe 

Sometimes people in restaurants act preposterously and sometimes it’s caught on camera so they can be publicly shamed.

People from around the world have shared the worst examples of customers behaving badly – with the very best collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.  

One snap reveals a man with his bare feet laid right in the middle of a public table, while another shows a child watching a film at full volume at a restaurant.

Elsewhere, a man casually walks in to a cafe with an AK47 on his chest, and two people decided to have a food fight in the middle of a restaurant. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

This poor young server at a US restaurant had the shock of her life when some ‘brave’ grown men decided to throw their drinks at her

Here’s a tip for this rude US restaurant goer, if you’re going to be stingy enough not to leave a tip, at least leave with some dignity

This man in an Oklahoma restaurant is a threatening presence if ever there was one, and that’s probably due to the rifle strapped to his chest…

This US couple decided not to pay for the food they ate, forgetting that selfies are forever, especially when they’re pinned on the wall

Yes, it’s true that when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go… but restaurants have toilets for exactly this situation

This US military wife is not only grossly entitled but extremely brazen about it, what about this screams subtle and polite?

Ever heard of headphones? These UK parents forgot they actually have to look after their children in public spaces, and not let them play films at full blast

Making yourself at home is likely encouraged at this UK establishment, but surely not as far as bare feet are concerned

Not so sweet! This US man seemingly thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to throw candy wrappers on the floor for a server to pick up

A gender reveal party that leaves bright blue dust and confetti all over the seats ? Yes of course, why wouldn’t that be a great idea

This couple eating at a US restaurant thought what better way to spend their time than making servers clean up after them

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