Social media users share hilarious snaps of co workers

Social media users share hilarious snaps of co workers


All’s fair in love and work! Employees share the hilarious antics of their co-workers that brightened up their day

  • People share comical times others made a long day at work more bearable 
  • One snap shows a toilet roll being sold for $4000 with a free diamond ring 
  • Meanwhile, a de-icing machine sticks a large picture of Salt Bae on a truck 

It’s not everyday that a worker goes out of their way to make the whole office smile, but when it happens it’s a true joy. 

Now, people from around the world have shared the best examples of comical goings on in the workplace – with the very best collated in a gallery by Bored Panda.   

One good humoured grocery store worker changed his own name tag to ‘Kale’ afterbeing bombarded with requests for the leafy vegetable, while another made  a resident spider a part of the office.

Elsewhere, some builders zipped themselves into a three-way jacket, and a group of co workers pranked another making him think a pickle was a cactus. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

What better way to salt the roads of St Louis by attaching the king of salt himself on the back of the machine?

Well if it isn’t the most famous face of 2020… and this doctor’s office certainly knows how to get their patients’ attention

Herman is quite possibly the best, and most productive office worker ever to exist. He certainly knows how to spin a great web

This Australian jeweller certainly knows how to grab the attention of potential fiancé’s. Let’s just hope the toilet paper is for tears

Could there be a better wifi password for a Vietnamese restaurant? The answer is absolutely not

These three builders from the US turned up wearing the same jackets and promptly thought of zipping themselves together, because why not?

Kale the US grocery store employee waited for exactly the right time to say ‘I’m right here’ while being asked where a certain leafy green was stocked

The staff for this overseas cruise know how to make one jump when entering the bathroom, luckily this toilet-using towel animal is rather sweet

US Walmart store employee, Charlene knows exactly how to entice customers on the local social media group, and she does it well

What a pickle! One poor co worker in a US office who thought he was caring for a cactus discovered his colleagues had actually given him a pickle

Spot the gardener! One lucky US friend gets daily Where’s Wally type pictures of their buddy hiding amongst the leaves on the job

Not only did this US office employee draw an inexplicably cute alien, they used a tremendous pun, too

This US office worker is frankly sick to death of mundane small talk, and has likely inspired a lot of others to follow suit

One US worker thought what better way to cheer people up on their walks through the building that with non-hazards? The lack of signal is actually scary…

One US cashier told their colleague there were multiple bills inside the till… and they weren’t wrong

This UK library took raunchy novel exposure to a whole new level, but for anyone who enjoys such fiction, feast your eyes.

An office key card reader that lights up as terminator’s red eye? Now that’s a fun way to start the work day indeed

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