Teen mum flaunts stretch marks and says shes proud of beautiful mumbod

Teen mum flaunts stretch marks and says shes proud of beautiful mumbod


A defiant mum sick of being body-shamed over her stretch marks made a video flaunting her belly.

Jasmine, who had baby Oliver when she was 17, proudly displays her "tiger stripes" and says she loves her body for bringing her son into the world.

"When people say ‘eww mum bods are disgusting’," the 18-year-old writes in the on-screen caption.

"Like b***h* my body grew a whole human and got cut open, what’s yours done?"

The video was "liked" more than 70,000 times and people were supportive in the comments and loved Jasmine's message of body positivity.

One user said: "Exactly girl your tiger marks are beautiful."

"This is what body positivity is meant for," wrote a second viewer.

Another mum shared: "I'm the same tiger stripes and section hated it at first but now he's 7 months old I'm loving it now proud to have created the best wee guy."

"It actually looks kinda cool," said someone else.

A mum said: "Three kids and no marks to show for it and is it weird to say sometimes I want stretch marks so people stop saying 'oh you don't look like a mum'".

This comes after a woman showed the reality of "before and after" pictures to show how fake Instagram can be.

And an influencer who has branded herself a "Plus size Barbie" stripped off to flaunt her curves after slamming body-shaming trolls who rip into her posts.

The truth behind "perfect" Instagram posts was exposed by another influencer who took two pictures seconds apart where she looks very different.

She wrote: "One minute apart = both are for Instagram. On the left I am posed… On the right I am relaxed…

"Both images are beautiful and should be shared on this platform.

"This comparison is to show you that someone who understands modelling will be able to create image on the left but in reality and when relaxed is the image on the right."

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