The £15 B&M item that could make sleep easier ahead of extreme 40C heatwave

The £15 B&M item that could make sleep easier ahead of extreme 40C heatwave


Trying to sleep when the weather is boiling hot can be difficult – and as some parts of the UK are facing 40C heat next week, people are desperate for ideas on how to make that easier.

Well, TikTok user, Millie Warder, believes she's got that in the bag as she found a £15 item in B&M that has done the trick for her when nights have gotten unbearable.

In the video, which has gained more than 29,000 likes, she shows the box of a cooling mat that she has been using to sleep on despite it being intended for pets.

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The text on the clip said: "Don't walk, run to B&M to get a pet cooling mat for your bed. I used this last night and it was an absolute game changer."

She added in the caption: "I can actually sleep at night now without feeling like I’m in a sauna."

Viewers flocked to the comments to share their own experiences with using the 'genius hack'.

One user wrote:"I use one as a pillow too! It’s really nice in the summer.”

Another added: "We have it, we have the biggest size."

A third advised: "It works better after you’ve put it in the fridge for a few mins.”

A fourth commented: "Had one of these for years, life saver, I swear.”

However, others who had not heard of it before took to the comments to thank her for the advice as one user said: "I need this for myself."

Another added: "Thank you so much for making this TikTok I have covid and stuck inside the best purchase I’ve ever made!"

The 'game-changing' hack requires no electricity or water. It is also non-toxic and completely safe for humans to use, according to B&M.

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The Met Office has made its first ever red extreme heat warning for Monday (July 18) and Tuesday (July 19).

BBC Weather presenter Matt Taylor said: "That is exceptionally hot, it is the sort of temperatures that if you are on holiday you may be able to deal with but in day-to-day life it can have severe impacts on health and we are likely to see impacts on transport and power next week as well."


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