The best office chairs of 2021 – stylish, ergonomic chairs for your home office

The best office chairs of 2021 – stylish, ergonomic chairs for your home office


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With working from home expected to become a regular part of life even once offices have reopened, having a comfortable and supportive office chair is vital. 

If you’ve been repurposing your dining room chairs for the past few months, chances are you’re starting to feel some aches and pains in your back, knees, and neck. While investing in a dedicated office chair can seem like an unnecessary expense when you’ve already got chairs at home, you really do need a chair that’s been designed to be sat in for hours at a time if you don’t want to cause long-lasting damage to your body.

If you’re finally ready to invest in an office chair, you’re probably on the hunt for one that’s the perfect combination of ergonomic and stylish, so we’ve rounded up 10 of Amazon’s best selling office chairs in the UK that will look great in your ‘office’ while also protecting you from strains and pain. 

1. Hbada Office Chair Desk Chair Flip-up Armrest

4.2 stars from 5,151 ratings

Enjoy simple style and enhanced comfort with this office chair with an ergonomic, back-friendly design. 

The breathable mesh fabric ensures the chair remains comfortable in the warmer months, supporting your lower back without getting too hot. 

Promising review:

“This chair is amazing value for money! Been using it for about two weeks now and it’s very comfortable. It was really easy to assemble, the manual came in different languages which helped with the construction. The armrest folds up which helps it fit under any table easily having a small room is very useful as it uses less space in the room. The mesh backrest is very stretchy which helps with back comfort and is breathable which helps reduce sweat when sitting for long periods. The lean feature helps to relax on the chair during breaks.

RRP: £129.99, on sale now for £84.99 – you save £45

Shop on Amazon here… 


2. Yaheetech Black Office Chair

4.3 stars from 2,906 ratings

Adjustable seat height, densely knitted backrest and thickly cushioned seat make this desk chair a comfortable and reliable home office staple. 

Promising review:

“This chair is great. It’s stylish and comfortable. As I’m currently on the computer for long hours, I’m finding the lumbar support very effective and I can sit right back in the chair and still reach the keyboard. There is a spring recline which adds extra comfort”. 

RRP: £51.99

Shop on Amazon here… 

3. play haha. Racing Style Office Chair

With a seat that is covered in thick foam, padded armrests, and an adjustable height this chair takes care of your back, arms, and knees while you work. 

4.3 stars from 8,059 ratings

Promising review:

“I got this chair to replace an old one that had run its course for sure. The chair is awesome and has very good back support which is crucial because I am an IT professional and spend many hours on the computer at a time. Both the legs and arm supports feel like very sturdy plastic that should be able to take a beating and the added benefit of having the armrests able to fold out of the way is a nice perk”. 

RRP: £84.99, on sale now for £77.99 – you save £7

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4. SIHOO Office Chair 

4.6 stars from 5,788 ratings

Ensure your neck and back are supported throughout the workday with this ergonomic, high-quality office chair with support in all the most crucial areas. 

Promising review:

“After lots of research and trying to figure out how much you actually need to spend to get a decent chair I found this one and after reading the reviews decided it was worth the investment. I have not been disappointed. The headrest is excellent for my neck, the chair itself is comfortable and adjusts in all the right ways. I don’t really bother with the lumbar support but that also has a decent range of motion”. 

RRP: £169.99, on sale now for £159.99 – you save £10

Shop on Amazon here…

5. Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair 

4.1 stars from 2,168 ratings

A comfortable mix of mesh and sponge has been used to make this office chair, which in conjunction with the adjustable lumbar support makes for a strongly supportive and comfortable chair. 

Promising review:

“I have no trouble in recommending this aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic office chair. I find it to be of sound quality, well made with robust, sturdy parts and clearly it will last a long time in my opinion. Comes unassembled in a large box. It’s quite heavy and so it should be to withstand a lot of weight”. 

RRP: £159.99, on sale now for £129.99 – you save £30 

Shop on Amazon here… 

6. Requena Ergonomic Desk Chair 

4.3 stars from 182 ratings

The natural curve of the backrest of this chair allows for flexible support that helps you get through long days at the computer without causing back pain. 

Promising review:

“Really pleased with this chair. It’s excellent value for money and looks much more expensive than it was. My favourite feature is the folding arms. If you don’t have much space or want it to sit neatly, this is the chair for you”. 

RRP: £79.99, on sale now for £49.99 – you save £30 

Shop on Amazon here… 

7. Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Extra Padded Office Chair

4.3 stars from 8,009 ratings

This stylish, thickly padded office chair has been designed with enhanced comfort in mind. 

If you prefer soft, padded chairs rather than the standard leather office chair, you’ll love this one. 

Promising review:

“I spent months looking into what chair to buy, after working from home since March. We live in a small flat and my desk is in the lounge so I didn’t want something that was ugly or bulky, but I still wanted something comfortable that I could sit at all day. I was a bit nervous as I think the listing photos of this chair make it look bigger than it is. I’m honestly so pleased with it. It’s genuinely really comfy and it was easy to put together. The most difficult part was putting the wheels on but you literally just have to push them on with some force. It reclines and it also rocks, and is height adjustable. For the price, I really can’t complain”. 

RRP: £94.99

Shop on Amazon here… 

8. STmeng Office Chairs

4.3 stars from 741 ratings

The leather surface of this chair means it is easy to clean, and the thick padding provides top-notch comfort. 

Promising review:

“This chair is great as it is for my husband who is rather large. The chair comfortably holds his weight and shows no signs of pressure or damage.

The chair takes about 20mins to build and the instructions are easy to follow. The handle moves the chair up and down with ease so it can be changed between users.

The material is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time and the seat is well padded. My husband has back issues and this chair fully supports a good posture yet being comfortable”. 

RRP: £74.99

Shop on Amazon here… 

9. JL Comfurni Gaming Chair 

4.2 stars from 3,742 ratings

A popular option for both gamers and office workers alike, this chair has been designed to keep you comfortable through multiple hours of sitting. Not only can the height of this chair be adjusted to suit your needs, but you can also recline the chair up to a 90-degree angle – perfect for kicking back during a work break. 

Promising review:

“Really comfortable and well worth the price. Easy to assemble and awesomely adjustable. My wife and I are using it both for work or gaming and it’s amazing. I’ve had different chairs in the past, and this one is the best buy so far considering the price/comfort ratio”. 

RRP: £115.99

Shop on Amazon here… 

10. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair 

3.9 stars from 1,881 ratings

This ergonomic chair has been designed to keep you supported and comfortable for up to eight hours at a time, perfect for long workdays.

The curve of the back of the chair has been designed in the shape of the human spine in order to provide enhanced support. 

Promising review:

“Since working from home has become a new norm, I decided to buy a new desk chair where I can sit comfortably for long hours. This chair has absolutely exceeded my expectation, especially for the price I paid! The chair is beautiful and of high quality. The seat pad is thick and soft, the wheels are very smooth so do not need a floor protector. Most important, It’s so comfortable when sitting on it! Highly recommend!”. 

RRP: £169.99, on sale now for £139.99 – you save £30

Shop on Amazon here… 

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